Lunch Buffet. Cartoon and/or Rattner on Inequality

Your choice, time for a 1 minute video from Mark Fiore (via Daily Kos).

The Screw You Strategy
Click on the image to go to the cartoon video.


Or an impressive NYT op/ed from Steven Rattner titled “Inequality, Unbelievably Gets Worse“.  Or… both?

Here is one of the eye-opening charts from the article.

Tax Rates in OECD Countries

Here is a quote from Steven Rattner:

Before the impact of tax and spending policies is taken into account, income inequality in the United States is no worse than in most developed countries and is even a bit below levels in Britain and, by some measures, Germany.

However, once the effect of government programs is included in the calculations, the United States emerges on top of the inequality heap.

Here is one of the NYT Picked comments that I liked from William Trainor of Rock Hall, MD.

The most serious problem with Income Inequality is that we get further and further away from where we culturally believe we are. We are a nation of equal opportunity. Our CEO’s should be partners with the line workers to make us a greater nation. The little guy(LJ edit:or gal) should have a chance to do better and his (edit: or her!) children should have a shot at being a CEO. Income redistribution using tax policy would be the most straightforward mechanism, without raw tax hatred. We should realize that taxes are necessary, they should be carefully considered, used wisely and embraced as our contribution to our commonwealth. Low income people should pay something, upper income people should not distort what it means to them. Rising tides won’t work.

And a bonus comment from rhdelp

As for those who are unable to grasp the fact that graphs don’t lie, I challenge all of you to live on a salary of $10.00 dollars an hour, move to an apartment you could afford, pay utilities, car and health insurance, internet and cell phone service, after withdrawals from State, Federal Taxes, SS, Unemployment, Insurance you may be lucky if you take home $300.00 a week.

Think about it, there is no wiggle room for illness, car repairs or other unforeseen financial disasters let alone pleasure, the quality of life is dismal.


To Don Swall who e-mailed the fun cartoon/video.


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