The Etiquette of Protesting and Grieving

Not sure when or where it is appropriate to publicly express discontent or emotions?

There are a myriad and growing times and places for demonstrations and you might be a little overwhelmed by the choices.

I recommend consulting with protesting and emotion expert John Chiv before you take the plunge next time let HumCo know of your complaints.

Ceremony over and Andrew told me she is protesting. I did not talk to either of them. They have chosen to air their grievances on blogs. Did they ever approach the Chief first?  This was not the time and place to protest, much less express grief.

                                                                                                 –  John Chiv

This above was his take on Jamie and Nikki’s lonely stand reminding those in the ceremony that one of ours was boxed into a corner where as the story goes, he made lethal mistake.  In the infinite number of possible outcomes that night, this is where Sgt., and now Capt. Stephens’ decisions lead.

Janelle, Occupy, Jamie, Nikki or anyone else, please do consult with John Chiv first for any future demonstration.  I’m not sure if he charges, but it would be a wise investment because clearly he is not against your causes, just against how you support your cause.

There is a proper way to bring up any discontents you might have with our governing elite, social or economic disparities, the safety of the public when we blindly promote peace officers who so clearly failed, etc.  If you have any questions at all, I’m sure John will help guide you.

Thank you.


8 thoughts on “The Etiquette of Protesting and Grieving

  1. Lowstandards says:

    Jon, do you have a job? Do you have orginal thoughts? Does anyone besides MOLA, Julie, you, your family read your blog?

    These are rhetorical. Don’t go into a dissertation, no one cares.

    If you were not attacking the right, would you have any content?

    Another rhetorical.

    Please keep posting. As long as the left is misepresented by you and the Tulubats, it benefits the right.

    Counting the seconds until you ignore and respond.

    1. MOLA42 says:

      In answer to your questions… yes, yes (unlike you) and yes.

      You mean YOU don’t care. And yet… here you are. Weird, huh?

      He talks about all kinds of stuff… he has interests in a broad range of topics. Unlike you.

      Not only that but he’s also quite coherent, unlike you. “Ignore and respond?”

  2. keepinghopesup says:

    I can’t truly comment on the issue of police promotions, but John Chiv’s post regarding two grieving women who were protesting was despicable and totally uncalled for…as if the public knowing how he feels about it ranked anywhere near not rubbing salt in their wounds. Since the issue of jobs has come up… I’ve often wondered how Mr. Chiv makes a living. Maybe some healthy competition covering the courts would be good for our community. I might like to give it a try 🙂 !

    1. MOLA42 says:

      In defense of Mr. Chiv… he does his court reporting on his own. He’s not paid for it by local media. Where he does get his money I don’t know and… not to put a too fine point on it… none of our business.

      Not even the professional media goes to as much effort as Mr. Chiv has done in the past (he says the professionals rip off his reporting all the time… I think he’s right).

      The problem with Mr. Chiv is his emphasis has been going away from court reporting to other things… I have remonstrated with him but alas he’s happy where he is; a conservative blogger who gets all the strokes he needs from his rightist buddies.

      In all seriousness… give court reporting a try. But you might find it a bit more difficult than you imagine.

      1. keepinghopesup says:

        Yes, I have admired Mr. Chiv’s moxie and how he has carved out a niche for himself. And you’re right that it is generally none of our business, unless our tax dollars pay his bills, as he is obviously able to work a job. I agree about how difficult it probably is to do court reporting (I used to be a court reporter, only audio recording official transcripts while noting who was speaking so that they could be transcribed…how I decided becoming a lawyer was not be for me.). I’m mostly joking about me doing it (the smilie was meant to be a wink), but Mr. Chiv is so offensive at times, that I’d like to see someone give him a good run. And, for how long he’s been at it, I think it probable that someone could surpass the value of his services after a steep learning curve.

        1. keepinghopesup says:

          On second thought, when someone’s “reporting” is as politically loaded as Mr. Chiv’s, I think it is important to “follow the money.”

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