Open Enrollment Begins Today

What this means is anyone can apply for health insurance today simply by going to our health exchange.  Before today the only ones who could apply are those experiencing what is termed a “qualifying life event“, or those making less than 138% of FPL for their household.  The latter people would qualify for Medi-Cal (generally, exceptions, etc).  People making less than 400% of FPL for their family size qualify for generous tax credit options that make most health insurance plans affordable.

I Googled Covered California this am and this confusing site came up.

Covered California is not Medi-Cal



Wrong answer.  Some of the information here is surprisingly decent however, they did get one thing absolutely wrong.  Covered California will direct Medi-Cal applicants to proud and hopefully helpful bureaucrats like me but they will also assist everyone else to find right health insurance program for their family.

I’m guessing since Anthem has a sponsored site on that Google list, maybe another health insurance plan which you can find on the Covered California exchange is similarly advertising, except doing it deceptively.  Or, more likely, it might be a private group that  trying to do what Covered California does and earn a commission.

Anyway, diversions aside the real Covered California is open for business for everyone starting today and it lasts until February 15th.  I’m sure you all will be better off skipping past those first two Google sponsored sites that have “Covered California” in bold but are definitively not the exchange.

Here is a link, or click on the banner below to go the actual exchange.  This is what you will see when you get there.  Happy open enrollment season!

The Real Covered California



Covered California’s Phone Number: 1-800-300-1506

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