How Do They (Republicans/Conservatives) Do It?…

…. Net Neutrality Edition.

#1)  Establish bad guy/gal.  Government, Obama or even ObamaCare?

#2)  Establish good guy/gal.  Freedom, free markets, cable companies?

#3) Dramatize.  Thus obfuscating, confusing.

#4) Repeat 24/7 to drown out any good sense in the 50% + of the 40% of Americans who are frightened enough to vote in midterms.

Note:  The nice other effect these types of narratives have is many of us not fooled by this make the next leap of faith that both sides are playing this game and there is no right or wrong.  Wrong.

Conservatives and Tea Party aficionados.  Please pay close attention to this (see voices you may trust below).  Your Republican leaders do this all the time to you.  They are not interested in you or “freedom”as much as they are interested in the “freedom” to be able to create a business model where some people get lots of money at the expense of actual freedom.

Despite Obama’s efforts, it’s not likely that net neutrality will remain as we know it today.  Little by little the cable companies and, let’s face it, our corporate-owned news media will have their way, and another tiny bit of regular-not-capital-optimized-life will go the way of the Dodo.  As someone who was conscious before the Reagan Revolution, I do remember a time when much of our society wasn’t capital-optimized.  It also happened to be the last time we had a decent amount of wealth equity in our nation.

Issues such as wealth equality and net neutrality are related and they are all related to the struggle we go through every 2 years to decide which of the two visions  of these type of issues shall govern.  Unfortunately, as the midterms so clearly demonstrated, the Right has the reigns on our narrative, and its on us all to find ways to win the narrative and the voters back.


Resources for Conservatives on Net Neutrality:

1)  Shep Smith v. a Cableguy.

2)  Conservative responses to Ted Cruz. 


What Net Neutrality is really about.

In my opinion it’s about creating a business model for the internet that looks like the business model that changed sports stadiums, sky boxes.  A new and lucrative steam of revenue needs to be created to grow our largest media empires as the internet as it stands today is a direct challenge to current media business models.

Here is a better expanation from the NYT.  The internet is akin to a utility.



6 thoughts on “How Do They (Republicans/Conservatives) Do It?…

  1. MOLA42 says:

    I think George Orwell in his novel “1984” laid it all out in his depiction of “Truth Speak.” Later modified by Stephen Colbert as “Truthyness.”

    In reality the conservatives and the Republicans have been setting the national talking agenda for quite some time. They do a better job at PR… despite having the “Liberal Press” dead set against them (as they claim in the most overt use of Truth Speak of this century).

    For example: Even when Democrats did take the initiative… The Affordable Healthcare Act, was renamed by it’s opponents as Obama-care. It’s so bad even Democrats refer to The Affordable Healthcare Act as Obama-care. The Narrative: “It’s not really a reform of heath care in America… it’s one man’s deeply twisted desire to be dictator of our country while ruthlessly suppressing all opposition.” And as you have pointed out, it works.

    It’s a Triumph of the Will. Inspiring, huh?

    Anyway the conservatives have a gift for encapsulating their message in nice bright sparkly terms… their opponents (i.e.: Us) have not demonstrated that ability since FDR.

    I think there must be a way to counter the conservative gift for glib and still keep our self respect (and our souls) but we have not yet chosen to make the effort.

    1. True.

      We are not constitutionally wired to join the Right’s fray. Thom Hartmann works against Rush, Ed Shultz, or a million other left-leaning hosts who confront bellicose speech with bellicose speech, is uninteresting to most or many left of center listeners.

      We on the left simply laugh when the effort is made to “Freedom Fry” something – like – say “The Committee to Protect Eureka”. Apparently, this Luntz garbage works. I think people will begin to see through this sooner than later, so it is incumbent on us to stay clear. imho.

  2. In one poll, people dislike the ACA when it is referred to as “Obamacare” in greater numbers as opposed to when it is referred to as the Affordable Care Act. The power of words.

    “According to a new CNBC poll that surveyed two different groups, 46% of the group that was asked about “Obamacare” was opposed to the law, while 37% of the group asked about the “Affordable Care Act” was opposed to the law.”

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