During last night’s Humboldt Democratic Central Committee meeting, it was announced that in February in lieu of a regular meeting we will meet in a day long staycationretreat.  The main goal will be to find out what we can do to transition to a different HCDCC model from our current one with a limited number of regular volunteers.

The following is not HCDCC endorsed – it’s an idea I had.  In the spirit of 140 character Democracy, let’s see if we can generate any ideas via twitter.  If you have ideas, preferably not of the trolling variety, such as “don’t purge your members” which I know is coming, please tweet with the hashtag #HCDCCideas.

If you don’t know, hashtags are a way of labeling or tagging tweets.  Think of it as an effective “shift-f” search, say in an electronic document, for a topic.

If you don’t want to be limited to 140 characters, consider bookmarking this post and use the comment section below for any epiphanies between now and February.

Caveat:  This is my idea and it should not be construed as in any way #HCDCCendorsed.


Random but true tweet…


3 thoughts on “#HCDCCideas

  1. Anonymously says:

    If you haven’t already, make sure at least one household/location in every town and village in the County has access to your meetings. Skype or any other conference/meeting software should work.

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