Jets Over Eureka on Veterans Day

No shots of the jets, but this from Wiki is awesome and seems appropriate for today.

Did anyone else catch them flying North to South between 10:30 and 11 (ish)?

For all I know, they might be Russian jets since Russia is close enough to see from Alaska, but as I haven’t heard anything from LoCO or the NYT re: an invasion based on our myriad disagreements including Ukraine, Syria, etc., I’m going to assume the tandem of jets where a) ours and b)  was headed to a more populated area for some Veteran’s Day festivities.

Cool to see.  I stiill think we could/should decrease our military budget by 2/3rds but we do need a military and I’m proud to celebrate it, our troops and our veterans living and deceased today and every day.  Thank you all and your families for your service and sacrifices.  Hooah!


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