One More Look at FWF’s Sarah Torres Through a Non-Local Lens

Sarah Torres’ Fair Wage Blues from DK

(I wish I could have posted just the video, but couldn’t so you will have to make a second click on the video itself.)

The TS had an article yesterday on why R didn’t pass. Kudos to Juniper Rose – it’s a good down-the middle article and Juniper did a fine job of collecting some local thoughts on why R failed. What it fails to mention was the Times-Standard’s own editorial against R. If the hard-working people behind R were given the same filter in our media that Danish Broadcasting did with the simple but beautiful production behind Sarah’s song, I think R could have been given a lift and No on R’s campaign against R could have been seen as the ungenerous and indignant campaign that it was. Not that that alone would have changed the election, it wouldn’t have.  But it seems to me it would give Eureka a better chance at understanding the narrative of Occupy without the overlapping disdain as one can clearly see in articles like Matthew in the Middle’s last week. Anyway, I hope some of you get to enjoy this ditty again and it helps bring back some fond memories before what could have been became what is.


2 thoughts on “One More Look at FWF’s Sarah Torres Through a Non-Local Lens

  1. Times-Standard displayed complete journalistic incompetence this election season. They failed to interview campaigns before writing editorials on them and in doing so did the public a disservice with their work. They are a sad excuse for the largest newspaper in Humboldt.

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