ConservoWorld: Colbert Takes on Climate Change Deniers

In a meme before there were memes Bizarro world existed thanks in large part to Seinfeld. It was based on a 1958 Superboy comic where Bizarro Superman from Thrae (Earth backwards).  I think it’s pretty clear that conservatives have this Bizarro world idea of governing.  We are going to see alot of this as we have voted Republicans into the Senate, expanding their once limited control from just the House and the Supreme Court.

How does this look in reality?  We’ll if you were to have had the fortitude to watch the House in action under Republican control, you would have been able to watch hour after hour of House Select Committee proceedings on the latest conspiracy theory – things like politicizing the tragically successful militia attack on the US compound in Benghazi killing Ambassador and Bay Area native Christopher Stevens and 3 other Americans and resulting in the deaths of  100 of the attackers.  Keeping this type of story in the news was their goal, that along with making sure no governing took place while a Democrat was President.  And it worked, at least in the eyes of the party faithful.   Critically, the party faithful were joined by those in the electorate who felt the angst of all the worlds problems from ISIS to Ebola to Russia’s not-invasion of  Ukranian territory and voted for the party who spoke with a fervor implying they had the solutions.

Of course they don’t.  Ultimately the result will be the no-governance party will move to the Senate, and foreshadowing what is to come, Barbara Boxer will soon be replaced as Chair of the Senate Environmental Committee with Senator Inhofe.  As Steven Colbert points out so well in the clipbelow – the guy who wrote the book on climate change denial will be leading the Senate’s Environmental Committee.  This only makes sense in ConservoWorld.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, it happens all the time at all levels of government when Reagan conservatives are in charge.  Another example that comes to mind is “Job well done Browny” as the head of  the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  Someone whose  credentials were inappropriate to the task at hand and were only recognized by the public at large when the unthinkable finally happened and we needed a working FEMA.  Republicans of course are not the only ones that will place political operatives in key positions, but it is a clear policy decision for Republicans to slow down, as much as possible, the bureaucratic machinery necessary for an effective government.

In short, the domestic policy initiative for Republicans is NOT to govern -or- if forced to govern, weaken government by removing revenues, limiting terms, gutting social safety net measures, restrict voting, etc. etc.  Perhaps just as frustrating are the reasons they give for these initiatives – they are the true Patriots and limited government is what the founders would have wanted.  Baloney.


2 thoughts on “ConservoWorld: Colbert Takes on Climate Change Deniers

  1. Anonmously says:

    “. . . Reagan conservatives . . . ”

    No, the people soon-to-be-in-charge are *Dubya* conservatives. You remember them, they had total control of government for six years. They taxed, spent (who can forget “Supplemental”?), and in the end their failed policies nearly caused a second great depression.

    1. Great point. W conservatives are also Reagan conservatives, because Reagan also cut revenues but then spent luxuriantly, especially on defense and contractors. Our annual deficit is still reeling from the don’t tax but spend philosophy. When Democrats are back in office their main job seems to be fix what came before. Which also seems to be part of the Reagan Conservative philosophy – let the political adults fix the problems they in large part create by their obstinance and negligence.

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