The Republican Credo: He Who Governs Least Governs Best

If it was a mathematical formula it might look like this:

Best Government = 1/x

where x approaches ∞ is just fine – especially if a Democrat is the President.

Sadly, they’ve proved nationally that is a winning formula.  Thank goodness Californians have caught on.

Of course what they won’t tell you that the above is simply rhetoric to become the governors.  Once they are they do have a governing philosophy and it is as follows – allow the business sector to govern – use our  innate, powerful and evolutionary net positive attribute of fear against us – and find ways to remain governing. (1)

You can see the latter in full bloom locally in our local elections as conservatives leaders such as Rex Bohn and John Fullerton, know we need taxes.  They’ll run appeasing the anti-tax folks, a policy initiative that draws a bunch of independents if done right, then they support taxes to pay the bills – only the type of taxes they support are the ones that insure those who can least afford it pay it.

It seems like California has caught on.  The nation tragically hasn’t.  Humboldt is a work in progress.


(1) While switching elected representatives might seem like the answer to some, your best choice is to keep the most qualified people in office because they will get the job done.”  – Supervisor Bass 2014. (ie not 2010)

Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There!  (Kevin Drum link to a National Review editorial)

The right makes the case against governing (Steve Benen from Maddow Blog) and Maddow herself via Media Matters.

Rush himself via Media Matters.

One More Thing:

Rush – it’s the DemocratIC Party.


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