Humboldt voters to the letter “D”: “We Choose You … unless …

…unless you remind us we are not the only culture or we have to think about those struggling to earn a living. Thank you for asking!”

– Humboldt Electorate.

The number’s you won’t likely see – the percentage of registered voters for the victors instead of the percentage of voters.  It puts our critical-condition democracy into perspective.  Remember of course that the registered voters are only a percentage – we don’t know what – of the total voting age population.

I’ve color coded the winners by the HCDCC endorsements.  Notice the only deviations from the HCDCC endorsement list was State-wide Prop 48 and Measure R.  On those two ballot choices, Humboldt voters agreed with the Republicans.  Percentages are based on the current HumCo tally of registered voters and the 2012 Eureka tally as I could not find the Eureka total online.

I guess there is some solace for a liberal to be living in California in this year when we replaced people like Tom Harkin for Joni Ernst on the national stage.  The unalloyed great news is that Natalie Arroyo won an easy victory for Eureka City Council.  I guess this demonstrates again that the Eureka electorate is not as curmudgeonly as it sometimes seems.  It’s demonstrated this before by electing Linda Atkins 2 times, proving it can and will elect a left of center non-native.  Huzzah!

I think Natalie has that special je ne sais quoi that comes along once in a blue moon in politics.  She is someone who cares enjoy about her community to run AND she has a background that everyone can find something to appreciate from her National Guard service, to her fronting a band, to her smarts and dedication to service embodied in her work with the RCAA.  Congratulations Natalie Arroyo and to Eureka for electing her.


Percent of Registered Voters

How Humboldt and Eureka Voted
Legend: Blue = HCDCC endorsed winner. Red = HumGOP (either the men or women) endorsed. Purple = endorsed by both.



On Prop 1.  Both the Republicans and Democrats endorsed this and the HumCo electorate said “no thanks”.  Its surprising enough a) to find a Prop endorsed by both Party’s, but then to b) have the electorate reject it?  How often does that happen?


6:45 am:  KINS just reported Newman won?  Is that a thing or are they pushing the scales down a bit to favor their candidate? I’ll add Mitch’s blog on the Humboldt County Election Transparency Project because it seems this election might be close enough to want to double check on our own.  Especially if this is only KINS calling this election.


Humboldt County election results archive

Humboldt County Election Transparency Project

Democracy Counts by Mitch Trachtenberg


10 thoughts on “Humboldt voters to the letter “D”: “We Choose You … unless …

    1. Thank you. Not mentioned is liberal’s penchant for procrastination. I think that always gives us an edge in these late counts. I also think the late mail-in ballots % does not follow from the early mail-in.

      Or is that all wishful hoping?

  1. I asked this on Eric Kirk’ blog, but I will post it as well to you Liberal Jon and your 4 (5 really,including me now) readers.

    What’s the progressive plan to rejuvenate Humboldt? What’s the plan for job creation? In my HSU alum magazine I read about all these great environmental entrepreneurs who are making energy out of swamp gas (or something like that) solar energy from roads, and other crazy only in Humboldt brilliant ideas. Or I open my fridge to eat some delicious Humboldt Fog or Larruppin mustard, and then I hop into my inflatable Wing boat, made in Arcata, to go buy some Humboldt Creamery milk. (The last part about the boat wasn’t real.) There are real great Humboldt products and brands and there is a Humboldt mystique but for whatever reason the County seems mired in a long term slump. (A decade slump? A half century slump? Estimates vary.)

    Save some sort of Gavin Newsome-esque business friendly ideas clad in Democratic political blankets, what’s the plan?

    1. Wow! great news Rams. I’ve updated the header. I don’t know if it’s OK to count family, but 5 sounds so much more impressive than 3.

      As far as a plan? Tread water? It’s tough. People have no time, are not interested and generally have that attitude of pox on all their houses. Just keep pluggin’ away.

      I’m counting on Liberal Leila to push me into double digits btw.

      1. MOLA42 says:

        Wow! That’s a 25% increase… or is it a 20% increase? Quick… call John Fullterton; he’s good with numbers.

        Anyway LJ… remain humble.

  2. Anonmously says:

    Please delete the above. Put the e-mail address in the wrong block. If I could find another means to contact you, I would’ve done so.

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