thank you

General Election Day 2014, Humboldt-style.

Thank you to the loyal opposition for doing all you do to further your vision for Humboldt.  Thank you to Mike, Chet, Frank, Marian, Virginia and Ryan, John F and John C, Rose and our local GOP.   Thank you Matthew and Richard for seeing a unique path of conciliation forward.

Thank you to the left of center side too.  A special thank you to Natalie, Kim, Verbena, Don and James – not to mention Chris and Sharon.  Without you trusting us all enough to expose you and yours to the often messy process of elections, we would not have been given a chance to vote our conscience both today and last June.  The importance of your role or the sacrifices you made should not be under-emphasized.  Running for office is a high risk, low reward proposal for individuals and their families.  Thank you.

Thank you for our local media doing what it can to present the races to the electorate.  The TS did take some risky editorial stances and LoCO has been trying to find an alternative dialog in which candidates can participate.  I think both the NCJ and MRU have done extraordinary reporting given the size of our community – thank you.

Finally thank you to the electorate.  No, you are not dumb.   It’s on all of us as a community to continue the challenge of informing you of the content and importance of these biennial elections.  Thank YOU for participating in our country’s unique and special governing process.

See you at the polls.


6 thoughts on “thank you

  1. Why you so angry Jon? The only campaign I helped was Measure “S”. Why do you even care what I think or do? Kind of creepy obsession really. You should use your energy in a positive fashion.

    1. I didn’t mean it to seem negative, sorry Richard. I did have to call you out on the voters are dumb title though. That’s on us as a community – ie all of us – not the individual voters. So many reasons voting and policy and political info is low. One of the main ones is there are many people out there trying to repress voting and honest information.

      I wrote this without a lick of anger. I’m really really pleased and grateful for 2014 and see great things for Eureka’s and HumCo’s future no matter who wins. The left had some great candidates this year and I think the choices were a little clearer than they have been in the past.

      I’m sorry we disagree so much, but we do and I’m joining you in the discussion. I appreciate the back and forth I hope you do to. Politics isn’t about teams like softball, we don’t vote Democratic so D’s can win. We vote Democratic to push Democratic policies. We had an amazing opportunity in both June and November to elect people and measures fighting for things like higher minimum wages, a change in backwards land use policy, a new vision and voice for Humboldt’s county seat, etc. etc. etc.

      I look forward to more back and forth, and who knows, maybe the odd agreement in 2015 and 2016. Sincere good wishes to your candidates tonight. Hopefully one of us can find some solace in what looks like a dark(ish) national day for Dems.

      Cheers Richard – Happy General Election Day 2014!

  2. My apologies Jon. I thought I was once again being targeted by you as some sort of conservative right winger. I am a Liberal Democrat in social policies. Moderate when it comes to county policies. My record on the Harbor District or North Coast Rail Authority reflects that. I love and appreciate your work on the HCDCC and do agree with you on most candidates and issues this election cycle. So please accept my apology.

    1. Cheers Richard. I’m sure we can both agree that we are in California where sanity still reigns. In the rest of the country it was an election exemplified by the electorate replacing Tom Harkin with Joni Ernst. Ugh.

      Here is a quote from a Tom Harkin supporter from the 1992 election. (I was in Illinois at the time when Clinton was the front runner – but I voted for Harkin based on his New New Deal attitude – in 1992!

      “The message is,” he said, “no more tax breaks for the rich, quit exporting our jobs, quit spending billions defending Europe and Japan, bring the money home, invest in America.”

      “Let’s use the power of the Federal Government to bring hope and confidence to people,” he continued, but “not through trickle-down” economics.

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