No On R Says Vote Against a Living Wage Because …

… The Children  … and … The Troops (I mean why not)

Somehow, in the mind of John Fullerton or whoever wrote this 30 second add by a local aviation mechanic, Measure R will take away local jobs for teenagers.

Either, the language of the ad assumes that all wage earners between $9 and $12 are teenagers, or very cynically, No On Rer’s understand that higher wages mean more people will re-join the workforce as the higher wages actually begin to help them earn a living.

The way I hear the ad, it sounds like there is no argument that wages below $12 are below a living wage, but to pay more means losing a critical first step in a child’s entry to the workforce.

Maybe I’m wrong, but it doesn’t matter really, the point isn’t to make strong arguments, just to get you to fear R with concepts like Job Killer and being against children and troops.

About those troops. They are underpaid, but they are compensated better than local workers would be @ $12.  This site gives the monthly compensation of an E2 (private fresh out of basic training) at $1750 per month.  plus $225 for being in an overseas combat zone (the implication of “serving overseas”) plus a Basic Housing Allowance plus many meals that are paid for.

Now, of course the troops are not paid per hour, but if you break that monthly salary of $1,955 to 40 hrs per week and 4.33 weeks per month it works out to $11.29 per hour.  So in order to gain the sympathies of the voter and connect this measure to being anti-troops in some way, John Fullerton again has to use his fancy accounting that has to assume the lowest paid troop and ignoring all the other benefits including paid housing and food that local workers and their families do not get.

But again, this isn’t about facts or policies, it’s about emotion.  The sad thing is that it is conservatives like Mr. Fullerton who have brought us the free market economy free of trade barriers and favoring large companies like WalMart that have led directly to those empty shops the former soldier in the commercial laments.

Again, hopefully we can begin to see through these very expensive and deceptive narratives.  If there is one great place to start – it would be giving those working hard 40 hours a week a chance to earn their own living in our very expensive society.

Here is the text of the ad.  The same patriotic (ish) music that backed Charlie Bean’s ad provides the atmosphere for this one too.

I’m urging you to vote no on measure R.

I’m a local aviation mechanic and military veteran and it pains me to see fewer jobs available to our youth.

I’d normally support a minimum wage increase but the 23% recently imposed by the state is already alot in our depressed economy.

Measure R expects our local business owners, non-profits service organizations to absorb a $4 an hour increase in payroll in 8 short months? Really, to twelve dollars an hour? The highest in the State the second highest in the Nation? In Eureka? Where businesses are barely hanging on?

This wage is more than many of our troops serving overseas are earning.

Drive through town and count the empty buildings were jobs once stood.

At some point we have to realize that businesses can’t take whatever we throw at them.

We can’t afford more store closures and our youth need a place to start.

Vote no on Measure R, it’s a job killer and is the most important mesaure on the ballot.

Paid for by the Committee to Protect Eureka.


12 thoughts on “No On R Says Vote Against a Living Wage Because …

    1. So he (or whomever wrote this) uses a future state imposed minimum wage (in 2016) when convenient and a past when convenient (ie $4 increase in 8 short months).

      It does seem like higher math that an accountant expert in producing tax forms built to avoid paying as many taxes as possible might use.

  1. I should also add – if you do want to support the troops – vote for Natalie in Eureka’s 5th – an active member of the US Coast Guard!. If you want to vote for the children – vote for Measure R. Eureka’s children will be helped if their parents are earning something closer to a living wage.

  2. MOLA42 says:

    I noticed Mr. Fullerton has given up on converting us heathen “stupid*” liberal unwashed masses (or any of the other unwashed masses on any of the other blogs I’ve seen lately).

    I think he realized the problem was he was dealing with people with critical thinking skills and it was a waste of his time. Cornball commercials on the other hand…

    I’m sure he’ll be back after the election (especially if he wins).

    * That’s what he called me… caused me to stay up late crying my little eyes out. What really made me mad was when he said there were only three readers of this blog when it has been empirically proven there are four.

    1. btw, mola, thanks to you i have to make a special trip. I need to get photographic evidence of JF’s membership in the MOLA paradox club. He has a yes on Q sign outside his shop.
      It’s not about the rise in prices, and you and I know it’s not about jobs dying either as we understand that if any business wants to they can negotiate down the wages. JF won’t acknowledge this as it doesn’t make for as scary commercials.
      Thanks MOLA for your internet presence and cross your fingers for tomorrow!

  3. John Fullerton says:

    I have been busy talking to people who don’t have closed minds.

    Shame on you Jon & MOLA whoever you are for continuing to lie about the No message. Besides only four people read this blog you say but it really appears only three do.

    The fact is Eureka businesses are already struggling and if R passes they will be unable to absorb this 50 % increase in just eight months. If they want to survive the only alternative will be to layoff workers and raise prices.

    You two don’t work and so you won’t be the ones losing their jobs, others will. Teenagers will find it harder than ever before to get that first job or any job.

    Also you should stop lying to the IHSS home health workers. County Counsel has said county & federal employees are not covered under Measure R.

  4. MOLA42 says:

    Oh dear Mr. Fulllerton… what are we to do with you?

    We time and time again meet your arguments with reason and patience… and in turn you’ve become more and more bellicose.

    I for a fact know that LJ does work. Whether I work or not is none of your business. Perhaps the pressure of the campaign has affected your manners.

    I’m not in the habit of going over the same ground over and over. With reasonable people in this situation I say, “Let us agree to disagree.” I’m not sure you would understand that concept.

    You are the one with the money to spend and the advertisements trying to scare the bejeesus out of everyone in Eureka (the folks with the open minds, I guess). This isn’t my first rodeo and I know what all that amounts to.

    No doubt we shall talk again when you trot out your minimum wage proposal for the next election cycle. Should be fun.

    I’d take up the three versus four readers issue with Matthew Owen… he’s the expert on such things.

  5. Anonymous says:

    After the NCJ exposed literally every assertion made by Mr. John Fullerton as “unsubstantiated” at best and “disingenuous” at worst, (aka Lies), Mr. Fullerton, like any wounded dog, begins to bark the loudest.

    Not one business has even suggested that they might “flee” Eureka. The only editorials by local businesses Los Bagels, Ramone’s and Eureka Natural Foods merely state that its uncomfortable not impossible.

    Indeed, the last thing a right-winger wants is to have to negotiate with the families they’ve been paying poverty wages to forever.

    Maybe they ought to “flee”.

  6. “Indeed, the last thing a right-winger wants is to have to negotiate with the families they’ve been paying poverty wages to forever.”

    Indeed, Indeed. And they will continue this sadly. Thanks for your efforts green anon and Fair Wage Folks. I do think it was a step in the right direction. For one, I think the pressure demonstrated the truth behind conservatives. There is no plan for even the boot-strap-pullers. They will cling to their story that hard work and desperation will find ways to earn a living in this country.

    No doubt this would have been a great chance to demonstrate that their fear-inducing rhetoric was empty and in fact detrimental to our community. But this is a relatively new movement and I think health care reform might be an indication that change can happen, it’s just going to happen at a glacial pace. Let’s keep trying to speed it up because reality, good sense (and cents) and heart are all on our side.

  7. Hypocricy says:

    Question was asked on Tom Sebourne’s blog with no answer. Since Shane Brinton was so vocal and he contributed money to the “Yes on R” campaign , why did he not bring up the wage in Arcata while on the council? Why is it only good for Eureka? Why is the current council not doing it? They could raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour two council meetings from now if they wanted to. Why isn’t the most progressive city in the county leading on this?

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