What’s your ballot look like? Here is mine.

Put yours in the comments and I’ll post it here if you care to share.  The website called Voter’s Edge is pretty cool.  Check it out then tweet your results or use any of the sites share options and past them in the comment zone.  I’ll then move them onto the main post if anyone wants to take me up on this.

I think this is a cool way of democratizing the endorsement process.


I went pretty much party line.  I voted for Jager as he had no opposition and I wanted to give him props for some leadership when Alex Stillman was kicked off the NCRA board and for his apology letter to our Native Americans.  I’m also voting against Z and for Q and S.  I’m also voting for 46 based on the strong support of my brother.  I’m joining the NCJ, the TS, Eric Kirk among many others against P.



Voter’s Edge – if you do want to share your ballot – click the “Share My Ballot” button in the upper right which will tabulate your results and give you a few electronic options to share.



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