Modern Conservatism in a LoCO Nutshell

Preamble to a conversation about local conservatives as we are in the critical final stretch of election season…  

We have two great candidates challenging Chet and Mike this Tuesday.  Kim Bergel and Natalie Arroyo.  I’m about to challenge the conservatives on their business first principles.  This should not be misconstrued that the candidates Democrats and I support do not support local business, they do and we do.  Democrats simply understand that government priorities do not 100% overlap with private interests.  In sum, Democrats, Kim and Natalie are pro-business AND pro-government (or as also known, community).  As I will link to conservative advertisements I should also link (to be fair) to Natalie’s site on which you will fined cool pictures of Natalie and Congressman Huffman including, awesomely, the Huffster rockin’ out with Natalie’s band.

As we discover more and more with each election, conservatism locally needs money to fuel their stealth governing principles.

Stealth is probably unfair, because the are always upfront about their business-first principles to their supporters.  But when it comes down to the wire, they are dependent on lush advertising campaigns, all the while being coy about answering questions.

They roll in on a wave produced by Rush and KINS that motivates many or most of their supporters, but then to get the final votes to put them over the top, they will do what they can a) discard the R, b) add a D, and c) flood the market with ads and a shallow message that is best made in 30 seconds.

The latest evidence is Chet Albin’s and Mike Newman’s banner add on LoCO.  A site where they have failed to answer 18 of 18 questions.   To me, this embodies Reagan/Rush conservatism – “we don’t want to have actual or tough or confrontational debates.  We have to control our message.  Sorry folks, just trust us, we got this”.  How else to you explain ignoring free advertising by answering questions yet paying supporter’s hard-earned money on expensive banner ads?  It’s a paradox that to me embodies modern conservatism.

I’ve linked the too images below to LoCO.  I did a littleexperiment and got an even 5 Chets and 5 Mikes in 10 clicks on LoCO.  Do you get the same?Newman on LoCOAlbin on LoCO

In Other News…

Happy Halloween!  (:o  {   (It’s a sideways ghost saying boo?)


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