T-S Spins Away a Win for Workers

The good news is that the Times Standard at least realized the significance of an international news crew in town.  The bad news is they did not have the generosity of spirit to allow a win for the folks they oppose.  The news was Denmark’s national media outlet chose Measure R and our Fair Wage Folks as the centerpiece of a story on minimum wage in America.  Denmark, of course the home of the $20 McDonalds employee.

This is nothing new, but it’s just another data point proving the “liberal media” is nothing more than a narrative that the right likes to promote to prove their own victim-hood tales.  The reality is that every paper has a business section – what happened to the labor section?  Both business and labor want businesses to succeed, the difference is labor want’s to share the success, and business doesn’t.  I think this is one of the many rarely discussed advantages business first politicians have in our society – and this is especially true in Eureka.

Here’s how a title should have looked.


Unfortunately, the image below is how the Times Standard had to spin it to deny a little win for the tireless, smart and passionate work Verbena, James, Don and others are doing on behalf of those that need help.  A little win that could and should add momentum to a potential big win on Tuesday.

This is part of the narrative matrix that I keep going on about.  Goodness is very rarely allowed for those on the left – that would be discombobulating to those who want to make this about good (ie business, wealth, success, among other things) and bad (unions, labor, homeless, poverty, etc).

As always, we can change this by changing the conversation, the frames.  We can start this with a bang on Tuesday.  See you at the polls.

No On R Times Standard





A great post on this nexus of Denmark and living wages (and the battle against greed) which we actually experienced first hand with video from Thom Hartmann’s show.

Two amazing posts on Sohum Parlance from Mitch! and green anon.  Green anon’s is so sharp, I hope he or she doesn’t mind if I post it here  (see below).

UPDATE:  The TS is another member of the MOLA 42 paradox club.  Opposing R which might raise prices but supporting Z which definitely will.  It’s not about the rise in prices to those in M42 paradox club, it’s about who benefits and who will pay.


“The fact is, there is mixed data on minimum wage increases.” (Kirk)

However, the data on links between poverty, crime, addiction, health, education, et al have been known for centuries.

$12/hour will finally raise working families out of poverty, however, John Fullerton is correct, it will cost jobs in Eureka’s visible growth industries:

foreclosure sales
storage units
check cashing
usurious used car loans
usurious home loans
reverse mortgages
payday loans
pawn shops
rent to own
rental agencies
debt collection
liquor stores
bail bonds
storage unit “auctions”
job scalpers
distressed loan servicing
dollar stores
Neighborhood recovery homes
Thieves and drug dealers



3 thoughts on “T-S Spins Away a Win for Workers

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for re-posting my list of Eureka’s growth industries…when right-wingers say “growth” I hear “predatory businesses”, “traffic”, “crime”, “poverty”, “drug addiction”, “blight”, etc.

    Your posts provide great inspiration for the dire need of a local media-watch group.

    Please continue to expose their shame!

    1. You bet. That was such an insightful comment. It’s easy to forget the overt predatory business community that is oddly restricted to our city. I wonder how much crime is thanks directly to those institutions. Thanks for posting it, and thank you for the kind words.

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