2014 Supervisor Bass to 2010 Electorate – Vote for Bonnie

Supervisor Bass’ plea to voters to cast their ballot for Eureka’s Councilmembers Albin and Newman includes this amazing admission.

“While switching elected representatives might seem like the answer to some, your best choice is to keep the most qualified people in office because they will get the job done.”

Hmmm.  Where was that thought when she was running for the first time for Eureka Councilmember, Eureka Mayor, or Humboldt Supervisor?  Maybe she’s finally come to that conclusion after experiencing the process of undoing 2 or 3 elections with her work on the GPU?

Does Virginia Bass now regret ousting 24 year veteran Bonnie Neeley from her post back in 2010 as a faux Democrat?

Of course not.  The point is to elect people that share the ethic that business knows best.  The best government is one that is amenable to business interests.  However, to say that out loud is often problematic in elections so conservatives, such as Virginia, have to rely on political tactics such as placing a “D” behind her name – a tradition Councilmember Albin has followed to absurd effect given his penchant for Tea Parties, Sarah Palins, and conservatives.

But that doesn’t matter.  What matters in this town is endorsements, which is why HCDCC by law 2.11 (d) turns out to be so genius.  As the Democrats endorse Democrats, non-Democrats who want the “D” on the ballot, struggle with their loyalty and political obligations to their fellow travelers each election.

So whether it’s “vote for me because I’m a Democrat” – or this guy because – “you know, he’s already there and … what the heck…what does it really matter anyway?”.

It matters a lot.  Which is why there are so many games and rationalizations used to maintain power.  You the voter can change this – if you want to – but you do have to pay a modicum of attention, you do have to register, then you have to vote. Things conservatives are depending on you to be too busy to do.




3 thoughts on “2014 Supervisor Bass to 2010 Electorate – Vote for Bonnie

  1. anonymous says:

    You know….. Bonnie Neely’s track record as a progressive is pretty slim and I get really fucking tired of hearing people talk about her like she is a godsend.
    You should go back and look at her votes during those 24 years on the Board of Supervisors. new age progressives might think she is some type of darling, but you should see what damage she caused – an ugly jail, a poor voting record in support of LGBTQ people and supporting Arnold Schwarzenegger for Governor.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Bass appointed the owner of one of Eureka’s chronic blighted properties to the planning commission. Bonnie appointed one of the few lettered and knowledgeable members we’ve had.

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