Danish Broadcasting in Eureka Today?

Got this email from the Fair Wage Folks last night:

Come on down to the Old Town Eureka Gazebo for lunchtime -noonish- to remind everyone to VOTE YES on MEASURE R!  Sarah Torres will be sharing some Fair Wage music (always a treat) and we’ll have bumper stickers, handouts, window signs, and buttons.  Sign up to volunteer in this last week before the election to Get Out the Vote for Measure R!!  There will be correspondents from Danish Broadcasting with us on the Gazebo, doing a story about Eureka folks working to raise wages with Measure R.  Come join us!

I apologize for the headline as a question, but I don’t know.  Is it the National Danish Broadcasting company sending over a correspondent or is it an exchange student from Denmark with an iPhone?  I don’t know, but I think the fact it’s Denmark, our living wage overlords and the home of the $22/hr McDonalds employee, of all places, is awesome.

Thank you again and again Fair Wage Folks for the work you are doing and have done.  I’m hoping your efforts will get a little bit of international attention that they deserve, but more importantly, I hope your efforts result in their intended goal of getting Eureka’s working class a little well deserved leg up next Tuesday.

Please get out there to show your support if you will not be rushing around on your lunch hour.


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