The Tale of the Signs

One of my tasks is to point out how important narratives are to supporting our views and votes.

This is why, for example, the majority of the time the local Right will rightfully connect Occupy Eureka to the Fair Wage Folks.  I have no problem with this as it’s true and it’s awesome as they are awesome.  The heart of Occupy – the residual activists that remained after the surge of interests include the Fair Wage Folk’s James Decker and Verbena and local First Amendment activist Janelle Eggert.  So I don’t mind when the Right tries to attach R to Occupy.  Darn straight.

What does irritate me is mundane stories taken for fact like this.  It starts with this  scurrilous statement “It probably shouldn’t be called a war since in this case it’s pretty one- sided.” 

Whatever right?  No.  It’s wrong and I accidentally ran into anecdotal evidence proving it’s not one sided.  Twice daily I walk by Lufkin photo in Old Town and appreciated his Yes On R sign.  A couple of days ago it was gone and the owner happened to be outside at the time and confirmed that it was stolen.

Fred’s story is just that – a good story.  It will reinforce those beliefs and internal narratives of the true believers and confirm their biases against left-leaning policies.  And the story goes like this – “The Left are among all the other negative attributes that will creep up in a campaign season (which is 24/7/365 on the blogosphere) – cheaters.  Remember that when you check that mark on your box, ignore the issues and policy and remember the story – a story about good guys and bad guys and we, the Right are the good guys.”

Please, lets make politics less about narratives and more about policy.  There are real problems we have locally and nationally and they deserve decisions based on clarity – not intentional confusion.


One thought on “The Tale of the Signs

  1. One of the things I hate about campaigns. The sign wars. Happens every election cycle. I have been helping Measure “S” and they have been running into the same issues.

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