Thought for the Day: “No on R” but “Yes on Z”?

To Rex Bohn and other conservatives who will be voting on Z but then work against wage increases for hard working people at the bottom of the pay scale – increases that all but surely would result in lower tax-payer supported safety net programs such as CalFresh, CashAid, and Medi-Cal.  MOLA 42 penned this brilliant thought that was amplified by Mitch! in the archives of Tuluwat.

Add our conservative daily(ish) Times Standard to the list of those opposing R.   Not sure if they’ve supported Z yet or if they will, we’ll see.

” I find it ironic that anti-minimum wage types warn of the economic destruction caused by higher wages and then turn around and support a sales tax. One may raise prices… the other surely will.”

                                                              -MOLA 42


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