Conservatives Following the Money…

Lost Coast has a miss-able article on a Willow Creek cannabis hootenanny that was framed and titled as “Cannabis Growers Raise Consciousness About Their Issues While Raising Money for Needy Families”.

Both Supervisors Bass and Sundberg joined the festivities and have now joined Supervisor Bohn and Harbor Commissioner/Weed Inc. Lobbyist Richard Marks in overt support for our black market product.

Here are some quotes from Supervisor Sundberg:

“The BBQ meeting in Willow Creek last Friday night was one of the most encouraging I have been to in a while. People from the Marijuana Industry were coordinated and knew what the issues were that they need to overcome to become a legit industry.”


“I let them know my view that marijuana is here, it’s not going anywhere, and we need to all talk about how to deal with the impacts now, so we can be leaders in becoming legitimate instead of accepting what out of the area people think is good for us.”

Dovetailing well with the California Canabis Voice‘s “CCV”‘s treasurer’s talking point

“Doing [regulation] right will improve the value of our land and cause the price of our products to go up. If we improve the value of our brand…if our brand is associated with best practices …those are the things you have to do to become the next Napa.”

Many conservatives, apparently with the silent and/or tacit grudging support of religious conservatives are going to start jumping on Weed Inc’s lucrative band-wagon.  Supervisor Bohn started this conservative trend earlier this year (at least to the point where I finally became aware of it), and now Virginia and Ryan are on board too.

As you four readers know,  I’ve been following Weed Inc. in local politics since I was trying to figure out how someone like Supervisor Fennell specifically and many in SoHum generally could be so wrong on environmental issues – ie the desperate need and potential amazing benefits of “smart growth”.  Commissioner Ulansey, Supervisor Fennell, Peter Childs, et. al.  pioneered what began as a liberal/libertarian crossover.  Quickly property owners/developers/etc.  discovered this new alliance and found local political influence and power with organizations like HumCPR.  Now, finally, conservatives too are channeling their inner libertarian now that real money is involved.

I think understanding this will help us wrap our head around things like local conservatives showing up for Weed Inc. hootenannies and our local Republican Party endorses people like Matt “Legalize Freedom” Heath for State Assembly.

Weed is where the money is.  Any question, just follow those that are can be defined in part by their close proximity to it.  As usual when politics and politicians follow money, the policy results will often be shallow, myopic and not in the best interests of HumCo’s long term future.

Finally – I’d like to point you to “Jaded Bob”‘s comment in this thread.  It’s about his experience in Napa and I think it points to the real problems with local economies based largely on resources only.  Liberals should be very clear on where the politics of Weed Inc. will be taking us.  It’s another in a long line of exploitative economies.  Riches for a few at a great cost for the community as a whole.


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