Civility: (n) /səˈvilətē/

–  formal politeness and courtesy in behavior or speech.
– The Google.

John, you wrote…

Thanks to Jon and HCDCC members but Linda Atkins needs to learn basic civility

John, Linda needs no such lesson.  Linda was exercising her right and her duty as an elected member of the HCDCC to do what she felt had to be done.  I failed you John as a host as I didn’t do my homework.  Again, for the second time in 2014 – mea culpa.

That said, I think civility is a great subject.  It’s one of the foundations of my blogging/activism and I think it’s foundational to a vibrant properly adversarial political system.

Serendipitously, after reading your screed* John, I searched The Google for “civility”.  Before I could complete the search The Google suggested civil politics which directed me to

The awesome video below was the result.  It includes both Jonathan Haidt AND that inequality graph which the four kind folks who have read a type-word or two of mine might recognize.  I think this video is a great place to start when speaking about civility in politics.  It’s important because it addresses both the “asteroids” or huge common problems we face as a globe and society and it addresses our current hyper-partisanship which simple civility MIGHT help overcome.

So on this most politically divisive of days on our calendar hopefully this video will help point a way forward.  A direction that begins, but importantly, does decidedly not end,  with civility.

Kids – stay in school, stay off drugs, AND DO YOUR HOMEWORK.  I didn’t and I failed first John Chiv and with John’s chosen response, Linda Atkins.   My apologies to both for not doing my homework and avoiding some unpleasantness that didn’t need to happen.

Having said that John, my apology to you ends at, again, your chosen and decidedly uncivil and self-serving response.

*   ie “pitched a fit”, “her beef”, “screeched”, “petty drama queen”, “bully” etc.


11 thoughts on “Civility: (n) /səˈvilətē/

  1. Jon, you take a very different tone from yesterday in person and that is fine with me. I do not expect you to challenge Linda or admit that she can be wrong. That would lead to your being shunned by Democratic leaders like Linda. Any one who reaches out to the “other side” in Linda’s eyes is wrong.

    For years, certain people have made it personal. So when you stand up for yourself, you get called names. How are many of your posts putting me down are civil? And when confronted with truth, attack the messenger. If Linda is so right and it is just about the by laws, we will see if any irrelevant personal information or attacks on me appear on other places besides your blog. And if they will, I guarantee you they will be be anonymous.

    Who leaks City information to the Tuluwat Examiner would be a good research for you Jon, if you are indeed interested in the truth.

    1. John, what happened between last Wednesday night and last Thursday am? A certain blog post mayhaps?

      Also – please sit down. Linda is wrong on whether you should anyone else should be welcome at our meetings. We should be able to run an efficient meeting, so if the public comes simply to disrupt, there should be rules with which we can avoid this, however we have a great deal to be proud of and to want to be open to public display.

      One of these things is our penchant for disagreement – often bitter like you saw Wednesday night. In the end, despite these disagreements, we find ways to continue to function for another month – and we do this so well that you, John Fullerton and Frank Jager are still the only ones that I know locally that will say they are Republican. And I don’t think I can say that any one of you says so proudly.

      I think one of the reasons this is true is because Rush and Glenn have taken over the rhetoric of your Party and folks like Rob Arkley have taken over the control of your Party. We’ll see what the future brings. I hope you do have a say in the RCDCC if you are active. If you do, maybe you can help pull the party away from protecting wealth. I think if you do, you will find that we have a great deal in common – including a prosperous North Coast, successful small and large businesses, a sustainable future, law, order and security, good community works, etc.

      What I didn’t add, what may seem controversial to you, is I also believe in an effective public sector and working toward public interests, public spaces, public infrastructure (including health and education), etc. This often means things llke taxation, regulation, etc. Things that folks like Rush and Rob would like you to think are anathema to a well-run society.

      They aren’t, they are critical, but also not the be-all-end-all.


      Regarding the personal – always walk away. If you do, it will make you stronger. I do try, to make my comments and posting about policy, not personal, where I fail please call me on it specifically. I’ve been on a crusade, one might say, to question the legitimacy of Supervisor Bass’ tenure on the HCDCC. I’ve tried to do this while separating personal from political. I think I’ve succeeded because I do genuinely like Virginia as I do you , Richard M., Matthew O, etc. Where I’ve failed, please call me on it.

      And if you want an example of what I’m talking about please reference any comment made about Chet Albin’s interaction with the entepreneur on the Gazebo block about a month ago. I’m taking quite a bit of heat from the left about asking the left to unilaterally withdraw from the personal.


      Regarding leaks – shouldn’t you as a reporter be glad leaks are happening? I am. I am almost always pro-transparency unless the leak will have a significant impact against public policy – and this should be a very, very high bar.

      Truth is a funny thing. It’s not as black and white as you might imagine with our internal biases. That’s one of the benefits of having a conservative and liberal press. If there is something you find distasteful, illegal, corrupt, etc, you should pursue it. But thank you for the offer. My focus has been County politics. I know who I want to vote for and why in Eureka, but I’m not up to speed on issues where I’d even know what you are talking about.

    1. Boo. not a time to take sweeping generalizations. Another one that is common is Muslims are bad news. Generalizations are (generally) not helpful or civil for that matter.

  2. MOLA42 says:

    I think Mr. Chiv would have been better served if he had waited a day before writing his response concerning the local Democrat Central Committee and Ms. Atkins.

    Ms. Atkins was defending “turf”; not that I approve of the behavior but I understand it. It don’t think Mr. Chiv does.

    And it’s not like Mr. Chiv was an “enemy” who would be exposed to “secret and sensitive” information… we have a pack of DINO’s that are already a bigger threat to “security”.

    I don’t think anyone comes off well in this. I would like the Democratic Party to mellow out a bit and I would like to see Mr. Chiv see the larger issues involved. And Jon did goof at failing to get his ducks in a row to prevent a pointless confrontation. But his heart was in the right place (that counts for a great deal, in my book).

    Declaring war on Ms. Atkins through his hastily written article on his blog was no more a constructive move than Ms. Atkins behavior at the meeting that kicked Mr. Chiv out.

    Cool TedTalk video… we all do need to work together. No one in any social setting get’s all they want, but (to paraphrase the Rolling Stones) we could get what we all need by seeing the dangers common to us all… nationally and locally.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to jot down your thoughts MOLA42. Sometime, when you see me walking around, let me know who you are so we can talk about eligibility work, being a blogger, how it came to be that you are a forty something female, etc.

  3. anonymous says:

    Oh my god. Soooo not gonna sit with any of these people in the cafeteria. Like what Linda said to John after he inivited Jon to the club was so crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy. I dunno if u wanna snap chat them and let them know wut u think. UGH gag me with a spoon!

    sarcasm asisde….

    What a hurtful bunch of folks. I hope that none of these people are in positions that make decisions for others for long. I don’t think this is the behavior that Democrats, Republicans or all Eurekans want to be known for.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is a club for democrats that is still reeling from local republicans that are not only suddenly changing their party affiliation to win elections, but to sit on the HCDCC??!!

    Good luck achieving ANY major social advancements like ANY of the examples from history, free of contentious polarization!

    I wish Mr. Haidt the best of luck, it sure sounds nice, and makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, but there’s no precedence. With all due respect to social scientists, I could also point to Mr. Haidt’s charts and claim that periods of bi-partisanship occurred at times of significant social unrest.

    The preponderance of the language of change is a prerequisite of change. But, where is it?

    In fact, it is the broad self-censorship of contention, the disappearance of debate, and the cleansing of uncomfortable truths from media, academia, family, and work, that have manufactured the unparalleled apathy that keeps the vast majority of eligible voters at home, a critical fact inexplicably lost to Mr. Haidt who’s theory of electing less-partisan partisans, omits the participants required to elect them…that are not voting! Only 10% of our university’s “best and brightest” vote!

    Put Chiv,, and a few others in front of a camera and have a debate that might enlighten others. Shoving them together spontaneously is bizarre, pointless, and cruel.

    1. whoa, cruel.

      I don’t disagree.

      This is what I was trying to do.

      I believe Democrats should celebrate our public meetings and they should be public with rules so we can get our work done. Apparently they are not open to Republicans which, in hindsight seems fair(ish).

      I invited John before Supervisor Bass stepped down. I wanted him to see first hand how we went about enforcing our bylaws. Ironically I apparently broke a bylaw while attempting to do this.

      There is so much baloney out there – as you know – and I am of the opinion that reality is biased against the conservative talking points. The debate you and I are looking for – one that might enlighten others – I think happens best with typed or written words. I think when/if we as an HCDCC have to look at enforcing HCDCC bylaw 2.11(d) again – the by law that restricts who member’s can endorse – we will be in for a very public and enlightening debate.

      That debate will be better served if the public (via those who disagree with us most) is welcome at the procedings.

      This is my opinion.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Imagine, for a moment, if MLK was as compelled to invite Bull Conner or the other racists to their meetings.

    Truth or reality do not necessarily reside between opposing opinions.

    So far, our major historical social advancements have only come out of contentious polarization…which is preceded by the contentious and polarizing language of change that we are lacking from every institution.

    The HCDCC has at its disposal the resources to summon the media and take a public stand on a smorgasbord of current catastrophes, and they used to do so.

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