TODAY: Candidate Kashkari and the California Republican Ticket in Arcata

And Will Focus on the Middle Class  from The Baywood Golf and Country Club

I wish I could go today.  I highly recommend going to anyone interested in politics – and not to be disruptive or rude, but to really speak and interact with living, breathing Republicans.

CA gubernatorial candidate Kashkari said “middle class” 8 times by my count during the debate Thursday night, no doubt a campaign managers feeble attempt to address his roots in Wall Street.

If you do go, see if anyone is interested in reclaiming the Party of Lincoln.  Republicans do not necessarily have to, nor have they always been the party of Rob Arkley (and his ilk).  They were once and can be again about the middle class – in deeds – not just words.  They have to somehow reclaim their proud heritage and let go of their obsessively tight grip on their idealized image of Reagan (Which, btw, has become a right-wing fantasy of the actual Reagan).

Sid, Uri, Richard, Matthew, Virginia, Rose, Chet, Mike, Frank, Marian, Rex, Ryan, and all other local conservatives interested in politics and government- take back your party and use it to fight for the middle class.  Take it back from the Chamber of Commerce, Rob Arkley, Rob McBeth, Fred Sunquist and other local job creators who have this attitude you can find in the TS today.

“Another thing is, are you talking about minimum wage employees who get tips or minimum wage employees at places like grocery stores who don’t get tips? I’m not going to let an employee make $13 an hour and then get another $4 a hour in tips tax-free”

John Forrest – Eureka’s Hole in the Wall owner.  Which, btw, makes an awesome sandwich and has a wonderful staff – AND a dyed-in-the-wool Republican owner.

Not only should we “let” our employees make $17 an hour, we should be encouraging our workers to make real … living ….      …..      wages.  Conservatives and Republicans, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE read this editorial (second link to same article) and ponder on it.  There is a way forward which would be much more trying and might not result in immediate wins, but it would be worth it.

worth it for yourselves, as you could become a leaders instead of  followers of Rush Limbaugh, Grover Norquist, et. al.,

worth it for the county, as it would help to clean up local politics, and…

worth it for the country, as grassroots in politics is a real and powerful phenomena and if this takes off here, the model could be followed elsewhere.


One thought on “TODAY: Candidate Kashkari and the California Republican Ticket in Arcata

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good timing, as Colbert also just interviewed Doris Kearns Goodwin, the renowned Presidential historian, about her new book looking at two other Republican Presidents: Teddy Roosevelt and William Howard Taft. They were apparently the best of friends. Goodwin points to similar historical values of the Republican Party that seem lost in today’s discourse. Notably, when asked by Colbert if Reagan was “a great President, or the greatest President”, she took the fifth….

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