Think. Speak. Act.



Humboldt Activist

Bill Holmes passed away this weekend.  Most of you probably knew of Bill’s work even if you didn’t know the man.  Bill would have been that bearded man belting out tunes with his guitar and amps at all Measure R/Eureka Fair Wage Initiative events and booths before July 4th.  Bill’s digital identities included highboldtage and the Humboldt Activist.

Bill was one of the handful of people that is Eureka’s Fair Wage Folks.  This group which seemed to form out of momentum from Occupy has created a movement which has done the unthinkable – it has united Humboldt’s progressives, HCDCC Democrats and unions behind our City’s fair wage measure.

Think.  Speak.  Act. in Bill’s memory today.  If you need some direction that Bill might have appreciated, visit and give what you can in time/energy or funds.  They/we are going to have to make up for the void Bill’s passing has left around the Fair Wage meeting table not to mention the hearts of those that knew him.

There will be something of an impromptu and unadvertised musical gathering in Bill’s honor today around St. Vincent Depaul near the back of the Mercer Fraser garage at 35 West 3rd in Eureka between 11 (0r 12) and 3.  Please stop by and groove if you can.

Have a peaceful day Bill.  We miss you.


8 thoughts on “Think. Speak. Act.

  1. Yogi Beara says:

    rest in peace my brother.

    I was always impressed by his singing, his good voice and his calm demeanor and dedications.

    This is Eureka’s loss….thanks for writing about him.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Actually, that eulogy, like most others, reflects the preferences and prejudices of the author, rarely the subject.

        Bill was moved by an effective, deep and righteous fury, not the “positive”, “bridge-builder” image some folks would rather envision as being effective today.

        Bill was always in attendance at the Measure “R” meetings where Mitch waltzed in one day and suddenly jumped to his feet after 20 minutes to facilitate a “slow decision” at the chalkboard before leaving. It was an outrageous display of mockery that I will never forget.

        Bill was a rare gem, and so well-informed it filled him with creative ideas, politically and musically.

        1. anon – thank you for your memories. We all will remember Bill through our own prism and I’m grateful for your recollections too.

          The hard part about politics is when does the conflict stop? Obviously there is conflict between ideologies/parties/etc. but become active, as you know, no two people will be entirely of the same mind – especially in a small community – and smaller activist community – like ours.

          That’s what I’m learning as I try to reach out to the politically active. Dealing with conflict and differences in opinion and somehow working towards changing the status quo and those with power (usually buttressed with wealth) Wealth has a way of finding consensus. Somehow we have to do the same simply with (limited) volunteer time.

          Thank you (again) for all you do – and thanks to Mitch too for all he does. And thanks to both of you for your memories of Bill – consensus or not – he just did what he knew how to do.

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