Will California Bloggers Kill the First Amendment?

John Chiv has linked to his second FOX News post in a month and I think there needs to be a conversation.

Of course the best place for this conversation to take place would be John’s blog, but many of you might have had the same problem I recently had – comments not getting published.

Now, shout out to Richard Marks and Rose Welsh for they have posted every comment I’ve made – even when I disagree with them.  This is sadly not true for John who has not published my last two comments.

So for those of you who are similarly flustered and don’t have the $400 (DireWolf’s comment) it takes to start a blog of your own, please consider this thread for any disagreements you might have with a post of John’s.  We’ll see how this works, maybe I can restart/refresh this thread each month as needed.

Here btw, is the ridiculous spin on a FOX News story for those of you unfamiliar with our local political/crime reporter.

“Will California environmentalists kill the bid for these living wage jobs?”

And John, the offer still stands – any time you are interested in going to an HCDCC meeting I would be honored to have you as a guest.

(For the record, this is not really a 1st Amendment issue.  John has every right to post only the comments of his choosing.)


5 thoughts on “Will California Bloggers Kill the First Amendment?

  1. I tried to post on this post of John’s about Supervisor Bass’ first planned constituent meeting which I would have like to attended if I had heard about it earlier.


    Here’s is the contriversial unpublishable snarky comment from August 25th

    John – It would have been nice to get more than 56 minutes of notice. Where do we find her scheduled meetings?

    There is a very important clause in the Open Space Element Supervisor Bass will be voting on next GPU meeting. Unusually, Supervisor Fennell has finally, for once stood up against decimating environmental protections, Virginia couldn’t without first consulting her constituents. I wonder if you could do some reporting on her thoughts on this issue and which constituents and arguments swayed her view.

    The question is about how far back setbacks should be to protect the all-important riparian habitat and where do we begin the measurement of that setback. Science and the Department of Fish and Wildlife have one answer, 2 of the 4 Supervisors have their own. Virginia has asked for more time so she can consult with her constituents.

    And before you make this about environment vs business, remember that there is a large and important business that depends on riparian habitats – our fisherpeople – so it’s not as easy to dismiss environmentalists as you might think on this one.

    I hope this subject will pique your interest. It certainly does many of her influential backers such as Julie Williams of the North Coast Home Builders Association.

    So you don’t have to work too hard on your reporting the vote came at 3:08 pm at the BOS meeting on the GPU last Monday. The vote failed 2-3 with Supervisor Bass, Bohn and Sundberg voting against staff’s language based on already lowered set-back measurements from the 2012 GPU. The discussion that preceded it took about an hour plus or minus 30 minutes.

  2. Milt says:

    Personally, I’m betting that the Second Amendment will kill the First Amendment because, 1, it is sick and tired of being #2 and 2, sheer firepower. And while we’re at it, what’s up with that Ninth Amendment?

  3. jtimmons88 says:

    Thanks for the explanation, Jon. I had thought the reason Chiv never showed any comments was because no one reads him.

  4. MOLA42 says:

    Actually, my only real beef with Mr. Chiv’s site is that it’s just about impossible for me to leave comments.

    The only way I have ever been able to communicate with him is through his email. He doesn’t have comments because he doesn’t want them, he doesn’t like the negativity.

    I pointed out it was his blog, he could flush the stuff he didn’t want but he feels leaving things as they are is the best solution for him.

    Just as a philosophy of open posting works best for LJ (and most every other blog worth reading).

    I’ve tried to post several times to his blog and have now given up. Just as well… a few times he might have liked what I would have said… but a bunch of times he wouldn’t have.

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