Hooray for Natalie Arroyo! (and some notes about who she is running against)

Natalie I’m sure I will be voting FOR you in November for my (unconstitutional) vote for Eureka’s 5th Ward Council person, not AGAINST your opponent.

Having said that Councilmember Albin represents the pinnacle of a strategy that has worked for many years in Eureka and Humboldt, and I’m hoping this era of political deception is coming to an end.

Councilmember Albin registered as a Democrat last I checked at the Elections office back in 2013.   If I’m not mistaken, he registered as a Democrat in 2012.  The reason is simple.  People know that the “D” means 5 to 15 points next to your name on election day.  Can anyone name an elected official in Humboldt County who is a registered Republican?  Frank Jager?  Mike Newman?  Rex Bohn isn’t, nor are any of his Supervisorial colleagues.

But aren’t conservative and Republican values very, very, well represented in this County?  How is this possible?  By the strategy that Chet is using so transparently, that Chet has become a caricature.

So Natalie, good luck to you.  I look forward to learning more about you and what principles and ideas you will bring to our City’s Council of 5.  From your Lost Coast Outpost comments I’m pretty optimistic about you and your chances.

But, for old times sake, below is a screen grab of Chet’s Facebook page I made the minute I heard about it from Joel Mielke on a LoCO comment.  Not sure why Chet took it down.

Mr. Albin – if you still believe in  advocating “drug testing all Welfare recipients, abolishing the separation of church and state, closing the borders and speaking English ONLY!”.  As you shared from realtor and friend Larry O. Doss.  You should be proud enough to say so in public.  (and by the way you will not find support for those in the Democratic Party post 1965 in case you are confused)  Many of your supporters will, you should be able to too.  The fact that you quite obviously hold these values, but don’t choose to share them publicly is exactly what I’m struggling against in HumCo.

To many, these are righteous and proper conservative principles and values.  Rush Limbaugh and hundreds of others speak about them every day.  Run on them.  Be who you are.  Don’t poison our civics by being deceptive.  It may help your chances and the principles you believe in by giving you a slight electoral advantage in what is clearly a blue county and city.    The problem is it’s corrosive to our politics and in the end leads directly to backroom deals and corruption.  This is what happens under one party rule when there isn’t an open and honest (ish) public discussion of ideas and principles in a way that allows the public to see and understand what is being decided.

i.e. civics.

Chet Albin's Facebook page before he took it down
Chet Albin’s Facebook page before he took it down

2 thoughts on “Hooray for Natalie Arroyo! (and some notes about who she is running against)

  1. Mary Ella Anderson says:

    It’s encouraging to see younger people stepping up and seeking elective office. This county badly needs new perspectives, new energy and new vision. But change can only happen if other young people get involved and help her. Otherwise the same old same old will continue to elect incumbents and expecting things to change.

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