Under the Category “Elections Have Consequences”

Those favoring an empowered public sector in planning -or- to put it another way – government doing it’s job – lost another strong pro-public-policy planner on the Planning Commission – Sue Matsen.   I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this happened after the election btw.

If I may compare apples and oranges – I don’t expect another Souter here in this appointment.  I don’t know Mr. Paine, but I also don’t expect Supervisor Sundberg to appoint a Planning Commissioner who believes that the professionals we pay for should be allowed to do their job.  Only time will tell.

Congratulations to Mr, Paine.  See you at the Planning Commission meetings.  I’ll be the one in the corner pondering if I should try to overcome my glossophobia.

One thought on “Under the Category “Elections Have Consequences”

  1. Monte says:

    As a life long resident of the fifth district, I shed no tear upon hearing of Sue’s being replaced. Her record of attendance was dreadful.
    Try to have a dynamic mind set when it comes to mister Paine. He has done some very great things in the Willow Creek area.

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