Oppose AB 2145 and Protect Local Energy Choice. By Michael Winkler.

Posted from an email to HCDCC Members and Associate Members with permission…
Since a resolution before the HCDCC tonight has to do with switching California  to 100% renewable energy by 2050 I think it is especially relevant to alert you to a serious threat to developing local and renewable energy.
Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) is a method authorized by California state law that allows communities (cities and counties) to choose the source of their electricity independently from their local utility. With CCA, a community can, for instance, have a higher percentage of their electricity come from local and renewable sources than what is currently provided by their local utility.
When a CCA goes into operation customers are sent multiple notices about the CCA and, if they choose, how to stay with their existing utility. If the customer takes no action they will automatically be switched to the local CCA group. 

Marin County’s CCA group, “Marin Clean Energy”, has been in operation for about two years and has allowed Marin County residents to have a significantly higher percentage of renewable energy than PG&E. 

A CCA for Sonoma County, “Sonoma Clean Power”, recently started.

For the past 10 years I and number of other people in Humboldt County have been investigating CCA for our county. CCA is unanimously supported by the Arcata City Council and is also supported by the Redwood Coast Energy Authority Board, which represents all the jurisdictions of Humboldt County. The City of Arcata staff has been actively researching CCA for the past two years and has been in talks with Marin and Sonoma to join one of their groups.

PG&E, which claims to be neutral about CCA, has actively worked to undermine the formation of any CCA’s to maintain PG&E’s monopoly and prevent competition

In 2010, PG&E created Proposition 16 that would have made forming a CCA virtually impossible by a requiring a 2/3 public vote to create a CCA rather than the existing requirement of a majority vote by a local government.
PG&E spent $46 million in an unsuccessful effort to pass Proposition 16

PG&E’s current campaign to kill CCA’s is AB 2145. AB 2145 would require that to be a member of a CCA a customer would need to actively “opt-in” to the CCA. Since taking no action is easier than taking an action, active opt-in rates tend to be less than 20%. which is too low to make a CCA viable. Under the banner of “freedom” and “consumer choice” PG&E is pushing a clever way to kill any new CCA’s.

AB 2145 passed the Assembly (with Chesbro voting “no”). AB 2145 has now moved over to the state Senate and is first coming before the Energy, Utilities & Communications Committee, which is chaired by Senator Alex Padilla, who will be in a run-off for Secretary of State in November.I urge each of you to write Senator Padilla and Senator Evans and urge them to protect local community choice and oppose AB 2145. I also urge you to write Governor Brown and urge him to veto AB 2145 if it passes the Senate. *****************************************************************************************
As Michael alluded to, there is an HCDCC meeting tonight.  As always, everyone is welcome.  Change, which is sorely needed, starts with you.

2 thoughts on “Oppose AB 2145 and Protect Local Energy Choice. By Michael Winkler.

  1. Mary Ella Anderson says:

    Thanks for the heads up! I emailed Senator Evans’ office and called Chairman Padilla’s office. I spoke with his representative who said she appreciated my call. That number is 916-651-4107. You can email Senator Evans as her constituent from her website. Just Duck Duck Go and type in her name and you will get there. Duck Duck Go doesn’t store information on you.

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