Exercise your Franchise – The Polls are Open.

Today is that odd day in HumCo’s timeline.  The day of transition between what was and what will be in HumCo’s power structure.

In the end, this is about power and the transfer of it from one elected official to another, or not.

The campaigns have done the best they can with the support, financial and volunteer, they were able to  muster to give their candidacy and their platform the best chance to win.

Vote your conscience and together, tomorrow, we will all continue to work for a better Humboldt.

Good luck local candidates – Allan, Sharon, Virginia, Chris, Maggie, Elan, Ryan and Arnie.

See the rest of you all at the polls.


4 thoughts on “Exercise your Franchise – The Polls are Open.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks like Richard marks was right. Nobody gives a shit about the general plan. Excellent results!

  2. Mary Ella Anderson says:

    Voters make bad choices more often than good ones. That’s how we got this economy and this environment. The majority of people go for the bright shiny thing and the simple minded fix. But as they say, nature bats last.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Or, they don’t like pothead slackers and people who just moved into their district to be Supervisor.

    I know, I know, the rest of us are too stupid and simple-minded to understand the issues. I’ve had this discussion with my liberal friends more then once. We don’t agree, and its because I’m dumb.

    I’m glad kerrigan and Latour ran, it showed bass and Sundberg who their true supporters are. I guess kerrigan is back on for Mayor! Yay!

  4. Someone – Check out the threads in WatchPaul. I don’t hear this side ever calling you stupid or simple minded. The number one campaign against Chris though was (is) that he is a lazy, pot -smoking slacker. (Check out Fred’s blog today).

    That’s what is one of the most annoying thing about conservative politics. They are the first to use the slime AND the first to play the victim against often manufactured or mountain’molehill stuff.

    And when the left does either, call them out on it and I’ll back you up.

    Also, way to be a gracious possible winner.

    But yes, I absolutely agree and will spend then next weeks, months and years defining who Bass and Sundberg’s supporters are. Hint: they are not Democrats, or at least shouldn’t be – not in California politics

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