Did Not Realize Until Just Now Today is May’s 4th Thursday

That means it is Eureka Progressive Democrats night at HCDCC (127 5th St. Eureka).

Sadly Linda has emailed that she is stepping down.  That leaves us without a Chair nor someone capable of running a good meeting.

What I offer is to keep the lights on.  I’ll show up with the keys each 4th Thursday in hopes of being one place local concerned Progressives or left- of – center Democrats that understand the scam the good folks right-of -center have figured out.  A way to win despite not always having “Democratic Values”.

It’s appropriate that this week Judy H. at the NCJ had another in her series lambasting the current Board of Supervisor’s majority.  She and her call on people to find candidates back in mid-2013 was a great inspiration to me to do what I could to restore sanity to HumCo politics.  I think she wrote at the time (or I deduced from her writings) that we progressives need to form networks to help fight agains entrenched special interests.  And that is how I see the 4th Thursday.  It’s and open door to people all over the County who want to get involved in left-of-center politics.  Something people are deliberately trying to stop the Democratic Party from advocating.

So, late notice, but show up if you like.  We could talk about what we are doing with the Latour or Kerrigan campaign or we could even just walk right over to Kerrigan campaign headquarters.  (or better yet, skip the meeting tonight and call the Kerrigan campaign (442-2220) or Latour campaign (http://www.sharonforsupervisor.com/volunteer) and ask how you could help.

Possibly see you in 30 minutes.

*grabs keys.  runs out door*


13 thoughts on “Did Not Realize Until Just Now Today is May’s 4th Thursday

  1. Sorry, i missed it too.. Yes, phone banking! I hope the progressive meeting can keep going. Sorry to hear Linda is stepping down. Perhaps some of Kerrigan campaign energy post-election may come along.

    1. Hey Mary Ella. It didn’t go well. Just myself unfortunately. Not going to give up though. I’ll keep that door that Linda and friends had opened open as we re-organize and re-invigorate the progressives. I think we will have a great foundation to work with after campaign season to get ready for next campaign season.

      As far as the Progressives on Thursday nights, I hope someone can come and take a leadership role. Unfortunately I can’t right at this moment.

      The good news is that there are strong progressives and Democrats working the phones and hitting the streets for both Chris’ and Sharon’s campaigns.

      1. Bill Williams says:

        Jon, I see that the Times-Standard printed text from Sharon is not the same as the online version. In the online version she says that she plans to hire an “administrative assistant” to do the common everyday work for her. I can see why some of her “advisors” had a fit over her saying this. This is yet another example of how she does not have a clue about the job of Supervisor when she says that she will hire someone to do her job. As one of her “advisors” how could you let her get out of control?

        1. Bill, your misinformation begins with the fact that I am one of her advisors. I know that. So at least for me your credibility just dropped on the rest of the comment.

          On assistance. I wish the BOS and PC would leave planning to the professionals. I think we should take general comments and direction from the public, but leave the nuts-and-bolts planning to the professionals.

          So, not only do I distrust your information, I disagree with your premise that a good leader doesn’t depend on the sum of her parts of her assistants. The 5 Supervisors have about 2000K assistants actually. Full disclosure, I’m one of them.

          1. Bill Williams says:

            Oh, Jon. Attack the messanger, you obviously chose to not address the issue. Your job as a County employee does not elevate you to a Supervisor’s “assistant”. So you are saying that Sharon hiring someone to do her job is just fine?

            1. If the message is false, which it was, I question the rest of the message. I question whether if in the context you are implying, Sharon would answer this question the way you are implying.

              I genuinely cannot understand what it is you are getting at and that is why I brought up her other (potential) assistants that the current BOS is not paying attention too. They would rather get their direction from the Chamber of Commerce.

              So I’m not getting your point. Are you saying Sharon is going to use her own money to hire a personal secretary? I think that’s fine. Are yo saying Sharon would hire a personal advisor to advisor her how to vote on this or that? I think that’s problematic. Are you saying Sharon would hire another staff member for all Supervisors (because obviously she couldn’t use County funds for just herself), I think that would not fly.

              I guess what I’m saying is your premise is not clear and from one of your points clearly being flat out wrong, I question the rest of what is unclear.

              However, again, if in principle you are saying Leaders should Lead, not take advise. I disagree. That is what is great about the public sector we make decisions as a whole as an electorate, then we depend our representatives to make the right decision for us. Part of making the right decision in my mind is paying good folks and professionals with years of specialized education, training and experience like Michael Richardson to take the lead on planning decisions. Listening to, respecting their advice on matters of say the distance of set-backs from rivers. Or – when the protection of wildlife is in question, Gordon Leppig’s opinion should take prominence, not Julie Williams’s or HAR’s opinion on the subject.

              Leadership is about using your resources to make the right decision for today and tomorrow.

              If you want me to address your question any more directly, please provide links.

  2. MOLA42 says:

    Well, I’m somewhat confused.

    As near as I can tell Mr. Williams is practicing the age old election tactic of last minute toss the mud on the wall and see what sticks.

    Yes, the BOS do have clerical staff. Have you seen what a typical Agenda Packet for a single BOS meeting looks like? It’s huge, nasty and not easy to figure out what it all means. So I am not surprised if a little clerical assistance is needed.

    Administrative Assistant is a very vague term. I’ve seen it used from very low level “gopher” positions to “power behind the throne.” Not having seen the interview itself I don’t know what Ms. Latour means. But getting the day to day paperwork out of the way so she has time and energy to do her job interacting with the staff and the people she is representing does not sound like a particularly bad idea.

    As for the rest, I don’t know if she meant she’d order an Administrative Assistant from supply or propose the BOS hire them for the Board Members. Perhaps she is naive enough to think the former is how things are done. Perhaps she wasn’t clear (at least to you) and meant the later.

    What the heck; if this is the biggest beef you have with Ms. Latour then she’s not doing so badly after all.

  3. Mary Ella Anderson says:

    Wow! Sometimes what you read into a statement is what you’re looking to see there. I am so impressed with Sharon, having known her since her Garberville days. As a friend of mine notes, she has grown into this candidacy and gains stature every day. I interpreted her “assistant” as someone who keep an eye on Sacramento and field calls from her district, much like the local representatives of our state senator and assembly member. Judging by her record, she’ll probably pay this person out of her salary.

  4. Bill Williams says:

    Check the version of Sharon’s answers on Lost Coast Outpost and what was printed in the TS, you will see that the statement that she will hire an assistant to do the day to day office activities. My simple point is that the “day to day” activities are what the Supervisor does and those can not be delegated to a personally paid assistant. If you call the office you would speak to her personally paid assistant rather than the elected Supervisor. My point is that this is another example that Sharon does not understand the positions she is seeking and that when someone calls to speak to their Supervisor, they do not want to speak to someone who is not elected to that position. She has spoken about this numerous times even suggesting that this person would get her benefits provided by the County since she does not need them. Constituents expect to be directly represented, not referred to a “personal assistant”. This, I believe, is another example of how she does not have a clue about the office.
    How out of touch can you be when you are representing people and have so much money that you can hire a person to do the day to day activities of your job. If Mr. Sundberg had made this comment, you all would be having an uproar.

    1. MOLA42 says:

      I suggest an experiment.

      Call each supervisor at their BOS business number. See who answers. Chances are it will be either voice mail or some clerical type, especially during BOS meetings.

      The job has probably become too overwhelming to be able to answer phones. No doubt each supervisor does eventually call back. I think Ms. Latour would believe she also would owe a personal call back.

      Personally I don’t like the idea of our representatives becoming more and more remote (except for election times). But it comes to the point where there is just so much representative and just so many things to be expected of that representative’s time.

      I will give you one point: Perhaps Ms. Latour does not know how County employment practices work. But keep in mind the electorate forgave far graver lapses in knowledge in Virginia Bass without complaint and chose her for the same job. Evidently, ignorance was (and is) not a deal breaker.

  5. Bill Williams says:

    Saying that Virginia had a lapse of knowledge compared with Sharon`s vavous knowledge is just plain silly. Virginia came to office with the experience of being Mayor of Eureka, were you at the first debate in McKinleyville? Her most common answer was “I do not know”. Just imagine watching the audience squirm when sitting next to Ryan Sundberg talking about Indigenous People, just plain unbelievable. Living in the district for less than 4 years and assuming she had enough backgroung to represent all of those communities and people she knew virtually nothing about is superbly unreal.

    1. MOLA42 says:

      I never said Ms. Latour was the best possible candidate. She’s not. And she will not be a supervisor… at least not this time around.

      But then again, Virginia Bass her first time around answered debate questions about county issues with, “I don’t know, it wasn’t City Eureka Business. I’ll learn about it once I’m a supervisor.”

      Ms. Bass seems to have earned a pass and yet Ms. Latour has not.

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