Democracy on Display Wednesday Night – Warts and All.

A big Democratic open house at the Labor Temple Wednesday night.  Come out and bring a friend.  It should be exciting even if it’s uneventful.

People have a great deal riding on this.  A Democratic endorsement is important.  In the last presidential election 64% of the electorate voted left of center, only 36% right of center in Humboldt County.  This is why no one runs as a Republican (did you know Rex Bohn is a Decline to State?  Ryan too.)  This is also why people with both conservative economic and financial views and somewhat moderate social views from a national perspective choose to run and be active as Democrats.

It also helps that we have a core group of old school civic minded and hard working individuals who have built our local party to be a significant force in local politics.  These individuals include Milt Boyd, Phillis Seawright, Bob and Pam Service, Linda Atkins, Bette Boyd, Julie Timmons, Jean Caldwell, tens of wonderful people who join together every  month as they can to fight for small d and capital D Democratic values.

So this Wednesday come out and see the fun.  Most likely we already know what’s going to happen.  Unfortunately, Virginia’s and/or Matthew’s and Richard’s strategy to define “Democrat” by their narrow definition* will have worked.  They will have probably weighed the scale down enough so the HCDCC will not be able to endorse either Chris or Virginia.

It’s also likely that Sharon will get an endorsement as unlike Congressman Huffman and Candidates Wood and McGuire our members will pay attention to values AND Party and votes that way when we can.  It’s possible that Maggie will get an endorsement, but with three Democrats involved in the race (even if one is in name only) and important local Democrats like John Woolley endorsing Elan, perhaps not probable.

We’ll see.

In a related story, who will the Republicans be endorsing this year?  Hmmm.  Maybe they know better than to curse a candidate with their imprimatur.

So come one, come all.  It will be another episode of a pretty great and consequential political drama and a great deal is on the line.  I would guess at least 5 to 10 points in an election if the candidate takes advantage of the endorsement.  So turn off the boob tube and/or the Giants game and get involved in local civics and politics.   It has all the drama and infighting of a soap opera, all the excitement of a horse race with the added bonus that if you pay attention and get involved, you might be able to help direct our county, state and country in the direction of a better and more sustainable tomorrow – however YOU think we could achieve that.

Special Democratic Monthly Meeting at the Labor Temple:

Wednesday April 9th,  7pm

840 E Street, Eureka.

Bring a friend!

*  This is the definition that prompts one to be concerned about adding a principle of supporting “democratic values” in our bylaws.  I mean the nerve, right?


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