Planet Matters – Today (and everyday)

I’ve been meaning to post all the events this week like I did last week, but didn’t get to it.  Very busy and stressful week at work as I move out of training mode and into actual duties mode.

Anyway, a few more hours to publicise the North Coast Young Democrat’s “Planet Matters”

Here’s a blurb from their homepage.

Planet Matters will feature many diverse perspectives as we will bring together dozens of speakers, sponsors, candidates, and elected representatives–as well as hundreds of community members–for a conversation focused on policies and priorities for protecting and restoring the natural environment on the North Coast. 

As Young Democrats we have planned this event because we recognize that humans must be efficient and effective in coming years as we seek to protect and restore our natural environment and respond and adapt to climate change. We believe that the only way we make progress is by being more organized and focusing more attention on restoring and protecting our planet. 

This event is focused on several specific objectives that we think will help us in this challenge: 

– build relationships between local environmental leaders, elected representatives, candidates, stakeholders and community members

– showcase environmental priorities and the community leaders who are working everyday on those issues 

– honor and celebrate the work that our elected representatives have been doing to protect and restore our natural environment

This in particular should be “off the hook” has the kids say.*

Public forum for Humboldt County Board of Supervisors Candidates: 4 – 5 PM

Confirmed: Virginia Bass (District 4), Chris Kerrigan (District 4) and Sharon Latour (District 5) 

The doors open and registration begins at 3 pm.

* or was that 20 years ago?


4 thoughts on “Planet Matters – Today (and everyday)

  1. Sorry all! It was on the milestone widget e that is on the upper right on desktops but is often unnoticeable on mobile (very bottom). I meant to put it in the post itself, but was a little distracted by the beautiful day yesterday (and work, and the event, and a busy campaign season….)

    In short…DOH! It was a great and informative event though. Thanks to Candidates Jim Wood, Chris Kerrigan, Sharon LaTour and Supervisors Lovelace and Bass for showing up. Important sponsor that may not be on people’s radar, but should… the HSU version of the Roosevelt Institute. They might be very important this June. Kudos to Hezekiah, Jesse, Matt, Cal, and all the other NCYD for putting on an informative, fun, and …democratic …., event.

  2. Mary Ella Anderson says:

    It sounds like it was a great event and I really like the idea of Young Democrats like Hezekiah, who I interviewed a couple of times, and the others getting active and maybe getting more of their peers active. It’s about time their generation stepped up and made themselves known. It’s really their future that’s at stake, something I’ll keep in mind as I serve my time watching the Planning Commission tonight.

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