The Wow! Thread Part II: You Did It! BR-S5 Not “Brick and Mortar” Voted

40 people crowded the often sparsely populated Board of Supervisor’s chambers again last night for the Planning Commission.  Notably the Commissioners were able to make it too.

The presence of the public standing up for critical, essential, etc. river habitat worked.  The Commission could not “brick and mortar vote” (thanks Gordon Leppig) a previous straw vote that stuck or reduced (sorry, late for work) the set back for streams, rivers, etc.  (BR-S5)

The Open Spaces Element is still getting re-written by a narrow-agenda-focused majority on this Planning Commission, but this was one section that was critical to keep.  To amend as suggested would have been despite the strong protestations of an increasing number of wildlife biologists who know of what they speak.

It’s a start, and it proves so clearly that showing up can make a difference.  We can’t change the balance of power over night, but we can stand up for basic principles and make the argument and/or rational to change what shouldn’t be changed much more difficult.  Sometimes so difficult that a vote or two can be swayed.

I’m not sure where that leaves us on BR-S5, it will be a little bit of Robert’s Rules drama to find out where we go from here, but stay vigilant and thanks to all you who took the time to show up last night.  You made a real, measurable difference.

(The vote on BR-S5 was 3-3 and failed.  It was (Ulansey, Morris, and Bongio) for and (Levy, Edmonds, and Matsen) against.  McKenny abstained.  I fairly certain the difference was Commissioner Edmonds, but don’t have time to double check this now.)


4 thoughts on “The Wow! Thread Part II: You Did It! BR-S5 Not “Brick and Mortar” Voted

  1. Hi, John,
    Would you e-mail me your phone# once again. I lost it and have had trouble posting here too. I’m easily bamboozled by passwords and other hoops.
    Been following the events at BOS and Planning. How about that McKenny appointment, huh? Virginia has lotta hutspa or gall, whatever.
    I have been putting some energy into the Humboldt Meth Abuse Awareness Project. I have to pick my battles as I have only so much energy.
    It is something I have personal experience with. Like Hedi Benzonelli with the Jefferson, I have decided to throw myself into an issue I can actually do something about.
    Chris asked me to run for EKA CC about two months ago. Told him, I’m too old, too cynical and too mouthy. No filter anymore.
    Thanks for the updates.

    1. Will do! Sorry it’s been so long. I agree on picking our battles. We all have to follow our passions as time/energy is limited. We have to work together to get the right people in office when possible so we don’t have to spend so much time telling our local governments what is the right thing to do, they just know what is the right thing to do. Ugh.

      I think the Meth Abuse Awareness Project seems like an incredibly important and consturctive passion/project. Let me know if there is anything I can promote or even show up for. If I have time I will.

      I think we need more mouthy and realistic politicians.

  2. Mary Ella Anderson says:

    The trick will be to keep up the scrutiny. One small victory doesn’t mean we can congratulate ourselves and go home. Ulansey and the board members he controls will keep at it. They won the election and they have a lot of money riding on delivering the promises they have made to their backers. Showing up for Board of Supervisors meetings will fill out the picture of the anti-planning agenda.

    1. Absolutely Mary Ella. We haven’t had many victories, and people are, well, human, and sometimes we do need to pat ourselves on the back just a teeny weeny bit. It’s important not to get discouraged. ON THE OTHER HAND… what you wrote… exactly!

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