Chris Kerrigan is in and has given himself the option of running against incumbent Supervisor Bass for Supervisor for the 4th District.

People may give Chris flack for being indecisive or non-committal in filing paperwork for both Supervisor and Mayor, but I think it’s brilliant. (but I would, wouldn’t I?)  I don’t think we could find a better candidate, but more importantly, a better Supervisor to represent the 4th District.  And I’m saying that with all due respect to Supervisor Bass who is by all accounts (including my own) is a wonderful and highly capable person.  And if Chris or the voters feel the Mayor position might be a better fit, that option is open to.  In short, the more Chris Kerrigan involved in local civics, the better.  No matter where.  (But HumCo 4th District Supervisor would be a great fit imho 🙂  )

Other news… full on alert for tonight’s PC meeting from Jen Kalt of Baykeeper with Alliance for Ethical Business and the new and quite awesome Tuluwat Examiner rebroadcasting the announcement.

Today is a pretty great day a wonderful night of rain, the sun is coming out as I write this and reports of Chris’ dual filing represent promise and opportunity for June, November and the next 4 years.  Hooray and/or huzzah!


8 thoughts on “Huzzah!

  1. jtimmons88 says:

    Chris better make up his mind. Historically, voters have not been kind to candidates who want a “backup” position, although Biden got away with it. A Chris v Virginia race would at least be interesting. Chris v Frank would be a snoozer.

  2. OhMy! says:

    Let me see here, just off his stint operating a marijuana dispensary in Arcata, he now wants an office that pays (his own quote). So what does he really want? Supervisor or Mayor? Run for Supervisor and have Mayor as a backup. Entering this late will be a huge challenge, so it is good for him to have a backup plan.

  3. Spud says:

    Bass can be beaten. Either Kerrigan or Atkins could beat her.

    They will have to start soon, Virginia is an able campaigner, a capable politician.

    And she always gets an early start. Remember how she trounced that idiot Jeff? That was funny.

  4. Oh My says:

    Remember how she trounced Neely. I Atkins thought she could win, she would have been campaigning since last year. Kerrigan spent far to much time as his own best customer in Arcata.

    1. Spud says:

      Yes she trounced Neely. No doubt. She almost won the whole thing in the primary. Did I not say she was an able politician? She can still be defeated.

  5. Another great candidate would have been Councilwoman Atkins. Totally agreed Spud.

    They/he will have to start soon, but it will be on us to find time to get our there and pound the pavement. There is one of Chris and tens or hundreds and ultimately thousands of us. Win or lose, there will be plenty of credit/responsibility to spread around. I’m counting on there being credit to spread around.

  6. Oh My says:

    I am going to encourage Kerrigan to run, because Bass will trounce him and we will be done with him in the future, go Kerrigan go!!!

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