Progressive Democrat Meeting Tomorrow Night

Time:  7pm Thursday night (Feb 27th and recurring every 4th Thursday)

Place:  Humboldt Democrat Central Committee Headquarters, 129 5th Street, Eureka

Time to get out there.  Come join the fun tomorrow at 7 pm if you are interested in “Mobilizing, Organizing and Electing” progressive candidates/voters.  If the main Central Committee is not necessarily as left-leaning as you like but you still want to get involved in a sustainably policy-driving political party.

We re-elected Linda Atkins as Chair last meeting and we will have an Eureka focus for the meeting(s).  However, Linda is open to county-wide interests before and after the meat of the meeting.  The way I would like to envision these meetings as one place progressives can begin to network their often overlapping interests.  It’s “go” time for GOTV (Get Out The Vote)



3 thoughts on “Progressive Democrat Meeting Tomorrow Night

  1. Anonymous says:

    Glad to see “GOTV”.

    The only way “Mobilizing, Organizing and Electing” progressive candidates/voters can be any different than it has been in the past, (losing most issues and candidates), is by actually doing something different!

    There’s no issue more near and dear to democratic principles than higher minimum wages, an issue currently sweeping cities and states, making national news, (except for the abysmal coverage of the Eureka Fair Wage Initiative).

    This single issue could turn local politics around for the first time IF our “liberal” brethren can put their differences, egos and issues aside for a moment and canvass Eureka to educate and register the vast majority of eligible voters that always abstain!

    It could have been done with Cheryl Seidner’s campaign.

    Until it’s done…little will change.

    1. Amen.

      If I was active in 2012 and you asked, I would have helped. It wouldn’t have been much help because my time was extremely limited, but I would have made some calls and hit some pavement. There were a very small subset of Democrats that called and canvassed for Lisa Ollivier too. We need to broaden the base of people motivated to canvas and call for progressive/liberal causes.

      I can see two problems with hindsight that may or may not have contributed to your frustration during the Seidner campaign. 1) The HCDCC in general is district-centric. Add on top of that the 2014 Democrat vs 1979 Democrat divide and you get a Party that may not come out en force for a 1st District candidate. 2) The Progressive Club has a Eureka focus. That is just the way it is, and it’s not a bad thing. Maybe we could start a more County- focused sub group or caucus under the Progressive Umbrella and start the meeting at 8:00 or 7:30 in another room? I know my personal interests are focused on County-wide elections right now, even though I also am interested and want to be active in Eureka civics.

      So what to do? What ever you can. Get active in the HCDCC – run for membership in 2016 I think. It’s not going to be a straight line to perfect participation, but the way I see it we have to have a local for people with “liberal” or “progressive” or “democratic” values who are “not going to take it anymore” for whatever reason to meet and begin to take back the debate, the process, and eventually the elections from money and hidden and/or deceptive special interests.

      I see no reason why the Fair Wage Folks, Progressive Democrats, you, me, that gal and guy over there, democrats, Democrats, can’t work together. We are going to have to and I know I want to reach out. *checks* Next meeting is next Wednesday at 6:15 PM tentative. I’ll be there if I can. I’ve been meaning too, but with the PC schedule on steroids right now and my twice monthly HCDCC meeting commitment on Wednesdays I have not personally made it. But I am fairly certain that there has been some FWF/PD dialog going on.

  2. Mary Ella Anderson says:

    The idea of a progressive caucus has potential and could re-invigorate political awareness and participation. In the long run, the regressive policies of the current board majority are going to be bad for the county, both ecologically and economically. Low wage workers are going to be impacted by this determination to go backwards we see in the Planning Commission and on the Supervisor majority. People make voting decisions based on what they see on television and the personal charm of who they elect and never think about that person’s policies. One way to bring policy issues back into the election equation is to start talking about them and how they impact ordinary people..

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