Late Notice: Tonight’s Planning Commission Meeting Cancelled

From Norma Lorenzo at the PaBD…


The special Planning Commission meeting schedule for tonight has been cancelled, due to a lack of quorum.  The next scheduled special meeting will be Thursday, February 27, 2014 and an agenda will be posted tomorrow.

Thank you.


Norma S Lorenzo

Business Manager

Planning and Building Department

3015 H Street, Eureka CA 95501


Thanks to Mary Ella Anderson who posted this in the comments and others who took the time to email me.  See you Thursday.


3 thoughts on “Late Notice: Tonight’s Planning Commission Meeting Cancelled

  1. Anonymous says:

    This entire scenario would have been front page news back in the day of community-interest newspapers, each week deserves front-page follow-ups covering this ongoing corruption.

    Four commissioners are not “ill” right after the public appeared to call them out, they are hoping some outrage will wane by Thursday.

    “Trails” need to return to the agenda.

  2. Mary Ella Anderson says:

    It was distressing to read this morning’s T-S and see that Supervisor Sundberg is not supporting the position of his appointee, Susan Masten and wants to blame the whole thing on Mark Lovelace for making the issue known to the public.

    1. Thank you Mary Ella, I’l have to read that. Doesn’t surprise me though, not sure if it would surprise Commissioner Matsen or not. She might not say so publicly.

      Commissioner Ulansey did the same thing, pinning this on Supervisor Lovelace. This is how a narrative gets created, repetition. Whether or not it’s true is beside the point, what is important is the story serve their ends.

      And, it goes without saying that the TS will print it, because it was said and it sounds true(ish).

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