How Much Does Plutocracy Cost? HumCo Edition

You are welcome Humboldt.  Here are Supervisor Bass’ and Supervisor Sundberg’s end of year 460.

What the heck is a 460?

A 460 is a form California’s FPPC requires campaigns, political organizations, etc to file periodically.  When candidates are required to file can be found here.  Most likely the only time Ryan and Virginia will have to report before the June election will be Mar 17th and May 17nd.  Any spending after May 17th will not have to be declared until after the election.  (I think this is a huge loophole in the regs)

A candidate has to file a 460 if they accumulate more than $1,000.  Any single contributor that has donated a total of $100 during a calendar year will have to be itemized on these forms.  In addition, any candidate that receives $1,000 or more from a single contributor will have to file a from 497 within 24 hrs.  It’s really amazingly simple if you take some time to wrap your head around it.

Also, remember, these are State regs and are much more inclusive and telling than federal regulations with their gaping loopholes thanks to the 5 Men In Black (robes).  These forms will tell a pretty good and true narrative of who is supporting who and how a campaign decides to spend its money.  It’s not the whole story as there are still PAC’s out there (and Republicans and conservatives will warn you about the unions), but I wonder if even these unless extremely slippery like Sunshine for Humboldt will have to file 460’s.  Honestly, I’ll be learning with you on this over time.

So, without further delay… here are the 460’s …yeeey!

Supervisor Ryan Sundberg.

Supervisor Virginia Bass.

Here are some highlights…

Supervisor Ryan Sundberg:

Ending Balance 2013 … Started 2013 with $22K, made over $32K in contributions (see below), spent about $10K and is left with $ 41,900 as of Jan 1, 2014.

$1,500 Contributors:

D&R Miller Family LLC, Eureka Readymix, Harper Motors, Humboldt Builders Exchange !, Hooven and Co.  Inc., Humboldt Sanitation ($1,700), Jim Furtado (full disclosure, Liberal Mom loves her JLF home.  Ugh!) (with in-kind donation, over $3,000), Kramer Investment Corporation, Lee and Cathy Ulansey!,   Robert and Debra McBeth, Russ Cattle Co., S and W Properties LLC, Shaw and Petersen Insurance Inc.,

$1,000 Contributors:

Moser Properties,Tom’s Trash,  Trinity County Consulting Engineers ,

“Ugh” Contributors:

Don Tuttle (Democrat of the Year, 2013) – $200, Dennis Mayo ($100), Supervisor Fennell (duh), Fred Sundquist (City Ambulance Owner and HumCPR Board Member) – ($500), former HCDCC Member Mike Pigg, Pierson Company ($500), Frequent BOS Chambers guests: Monte and Debbie Provolt ($100),  Ben Shepherd (In Kind – $300), and Bill Bertain ($200).

Supervisor Virginia Bass:

Virginia filed a 460 beginning 7/1.  This means she received at least $1,000 in contributions sometime earlier in the year which you can find on previous 460’s on file at Humboldt County Elections.  (If you go say “hi” to the wonderful staff there for me.)

In  this period Supervisor Bass came into the period with $22K, received $39K in contributions, spent $1K, so is left with $59,000 to pummel any and all upstarts.

$1,500 Contributors: (contributors in green also contributed to Sundberg’s campaign)

D&R Miller Family ($1,750), Michael Dominick (Coastal Business systems), Eel River Transportation and Salvage Yard (“Thanks, V for any role you might have played in helping us to acquire the publically funded and quite awesome Arcata Recycling Center, you and your friends on the City Council are the best, really!  We all know a private organization will work much better than the non-profit ACRC.  Damn hippies anyway with their separation of recycling streams, etc.”), Eureka ReadyMix, Jim Furtado, Harper Motors, Humboldt Builder’s Exchange PAC, Hooven & Co. Inc., Humbodlt Deputy Sheriffs Organization ($2,500!!) Woah, where are our public employees getting that kind of money?  Holy Cow!, Humboldt Recycling, Kramer Investments Corporation, Debra McBeth, Russ Cattle Company, S&W Properties, Shaw & Peterson Ins. Inc.Fred and Linda SundquistKathy Ulansey (“Thanks V. for my husband’s awesome gig – he loves it and is doing a great job!”)

$1,000 Contributors:

Jonathan Flyer Lilly J Ranch, Patrick Murphy,

$500, and “Ugh” Contributors:

Paul Barielles? ($100)?  NOOOO! Not Sarah’s Father maybe?  Say it ain’t so., Melinda Ciarabellini of course ($500), Linda Disiere ($200) (“Thank you for the Planning Commission gig!  It’s awesome.”), Supervisor Fennell ($100 again, duh!), Christine House !? ($250 – a “Thom Hartman and Rachel Maddow Democrat”  Chriiiistiiiine !!!! (camera pans up in a spiral motion as I shout her name to the sky) (Star Trek Wrath of Khan reference for the non-nerds), Humboldt Redwood Company LLC ($500), Chris Lehman?! ($150) (see Christine House reaction above), James Morrison ($500), Craig Perrone ($500), Pierson Company ($500), Rendezvous Music and Vending ($500), Richard Twiddy ($500).


Do you see a trend here?  Can you start to see why regional planning is a non-starter with Supervisors Bass and Sundberg?  Their constituents are not the voters, they are private industry.  Appropriately Jim Furtado takes the prize for top donor on these 460’s.  He more than anyone thrives on continued sprawl, the exact opposite type of development we need as a county, state, nation and globe, if we want to take the next step in sustainability.  It’s going to be tough to make that argument when the public has that kind of money stacked up against them.

Remember, this is only the beginning we have 3 more 460’s to go for each campaign for the June election.  Plenty of time for you, young up-and-coming developer, to start taking your shot at the big time.  All it takes is a pen, a check and a well supplied bank account and you too can be a part of HumCo politics.

Similar 2010 coverage.

10 thoughts on “How Much Does Plutocracy Cost? HumCo Edition

  1. just middle class says:

    You seem to want to characterize each of these candidates as strictly partisan individuals, which is incorrect. Ryan has had broad based support from both liberal and conservative residents because he is a centrist and a moderate who will not fit into your very limited view of elected representatives you portray. Your simplistic view really demeans your credibility.

    1. Thanks Julie!
      Then A, we need to better define “infil”. What I’ve seen him build has the same density of population as the suburbs.

      just middle class. I think this is the second time you question my credibility. That’s right and fine to do. I will have to back up my arguments with facts and ideas. It is often difficult to do on something like a General Plan when the implications are so large and by it’s nature it requires expertise from many fields. What we are getting now is expertise from one field. So the credibility of the RLWG or realtors, or etc are quite high in their field of expertise. But not, say, on protecting biological resources or knowing how to begin to plan for alternative futures where the public would like to depend on fossil fuels less. Would you agree?

      I for one can’t take your concern trolling ( about my credibility seriously though because you are posting as an anonymous. How is credibility even a thing to measure when posting anonymously?

      Also… I think “Ryan has had broad based support from both liberal and conservative residents” is a stretch, don’t you? Honestly? After looking at the 460?

      1. Anonymous says:

        from the state website:

        Infill Development
        The term “infill development” refers to building within unused and underutilized lands within existing development patterns, typically but not exclusively in urban areas.

        from wikipedia:
        In the urban planning and development industries, infill is the use of land within a built-up area for further construction

        again it is clear you have no idea what you are talking about. if you look at a Furtado project, it is within the existing development pattern of the community, medium and high density.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jon, thank you!

    “Middle Class” should be questioning the credibility of literally all mainstream local media that have never reported this story’s overwhelming context, failing to connect the dots, and losing all sight of irony and proportionality. The recent Times Standard headline on the McKinny appointment to the Planning Commission completely ignored his chronic blight behind the Eureka Inn.

    The development community owns elected and appointed offices and what they fear the most is any candidate, issue, or initiative that bothers (for the first time) to canvass the vast majority of eligible voters in Eureka that always refuse to vote. This is the context that obliterates any assumption of “broad support” that Bass, Bohn or Berg zealots try to conjure.

    This is why the right wing is being extremely careful to ignore Eureka’s Fair Wage Initiative. The Times Standard covered it only once…when it qualified for the ballot. Meanwhile similar initiatives are sweeping the state and nation and they are passing.

    Initiative volunteers were amazed at the number of individuals anxious to vote for the first time to pass this Initiative in Eureka.

    1,000 to 2,000 new voters in Eureka, with 1/3 turning out, could reverse developer’s stranglehold for the first time with countywide impacts.

  3. Anonymous says:

    interesting mathew in the middle column today. any comment on the huge sums of money from progressive special interests, or do they get a pass?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’ve watched local election funding for 40 years. The development, finance and business community will often outspend their opponents 2 to 1, the exceptions are few. This is especially true for Eureka where outsider Arkley outspent Cummings 5 to 1.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I disagree, the money has only gotten extreme in the last 5-10 years or so and the progressives have heavy hitters of their own, but you guys don’t seem to recognize that. Pretty much since the Gallegos/PL conflict. That really divided and damaged our community.

  6. Anonymous says:

    FYI, it was 20 years ago that big money became the local norm. This is when unknown candidate Arkley spent $50,000 for a seat that pays $500/month. Cumming, well known as long-time chair of the HCDCC, a leader for his community church, staunch labor advocate, defender of renewed train service, and the only local private attorney willing to take difficult labor cases, spent $10,000.

    In other words…you lack a single example of a liberal candidate outspending their opponent 5 to 1, but are sticking to your BS??

    OK, how many liberal Eureka candidates can you name that actually outspent their opponents by any amount??

    The beauty of moneyed corruption in politics becomes clear when a liberal candidate can raise the contributions required to be effective and the republicans, that typically outspend opponents (and win), immediately point the “big-money-corruption” finger at liberals!

    Today, the corruption is broadened by shameless right-wingers, scared by Obama’s victory, advancing their speculator-funded agenda by calling themselves “democrats”.

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