The Thin Green Line(s)

There were two metaphorical thin green lines last night at Humboldt County’s Planning Commission.  The first was represented by Gordon Leppig and Mike Van Hatten, two California Fish and Wildlife employees and the second was the increasingly decreasing border between wetlands and rivers and the land developers, property owners, foresters, realtors, weed growers, land speculators etc. crave.

What happened to the green line of people defending and protecting the environment?  That deserves more virtual ink than I have time for.

For the time being below is a highly controversial element from last night that was tabled as Commissioner (and thanks to Google I just found out, realtor, what a surprise) Linda Disiere was starting to pay attention to caution coming from both Planning Department staff and county council on the absurdity of cutting back firm setbacks as Commissioner Ulansey was quite insistent must be removed.  (note – I did the best I could to transcribe this from the “smart board”  I’m working on a time and fund budget of no time and $0 – any corrections would be appreciated) (like what the heck did I type with “chigiting”, ugh.)

This was tabled as Commissioner Linda wanted to hear from more on the ground people, by which she seemed to mean developers.  Given the rhetoric of interest in public comments, I don’t think Linda would mind if you weren’t a developer and still had a strong feeling on this.  Please, check out the archived video of this and previous PC meetings if you have the time.  Again, this is a planning disaster happening in real time*.  We could use some activism right about now.

* Specifically as Gordon Leppig noted last night, paraphrasing, … we are headed to having 1984 protections in 2035. (at approximately 18:30 if you are watching the video)

Planning Commision Version
BR-S10 – Development Standards for wetlands and other wet areas.  Development standards for wetlands and other wet areas: including natural ponds, springs, vernal pools, marshes, wet meadows (ehigiting standing water all year long or riparian vegetation) and wetlands as defined in the California Fish and Game Code Section 2785(g) shall be consistent with the standards for streamside management areas as applical including required buffer setbacks.  required buffer setbacks for these areas are as follows:
seasonal wetlands – 100 ft
perennial wetlands – 200ft
Buffer may be reduced based on site specific information and consultation with DFG.
Lee Ulansey motion  Linda second for discussion.
Tabled for next Tuesday.

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