Progressive Democrat Meeting Tonight

After our two month hiatus for the holidays, the progressives are “in” again tonight at HCDCC.

  • 7pm
  • Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee headquarters
  • 129 5th St., Eureka

Now’s a great time to start working to elect progressive Democrats locally in addition to  nationwide.  Come help us out.


4 thoughts on “Progressive Democrat Meeting Tonight

    1. Second Wednesdays of each month (except December) – same location – same time – but remember Democrats and Progressive Democrats are both abnormally awesome.

  1. pamsistrom says:

    Dear Demo John, Attended the Meth Meeting today. Just got this notice. Need more advance notice. Please e- mail me your phone number. I got your call, but didn’t get your number soon enough. Would LOVE to talk to you! Many issues and roomful of people at meth meeting. Would love to tell you, though you may have been there. Sweet, fake Virginia and her Arkley lovin’ Matt, police chief, lots of health and social service, MDs nurses. Call me again! xxx-xxxz Pam

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