New Episode in the BOS GPU Deliberations Today

Here’s the agenda for today’s meeting at the Courthouse at 1:25 today.

Unfortunately I will no longer be able to attend and from what I’ve seen from the past few meetings that means the only ones left in the room will be HumCPR, Chamber of Commerce, Humboldt Builder’s Exchange – type environmentalists.  Ask any one of them and they will say they too are environmentalists.  This current process finally is one that is fair, balanced and addresses the diversity of Humboldt.  Of course that’s not true.

This process is lead by 4 very conservative Supervisors when it comes to relinquishing our right as a community to plan to private interests.

A couple of meetings ago, I did see one member of the public who spoke very eloquently at the September 23rd meeting against changing the Guiding Principles.  Bob – cheers to you, and here’s hoping you will continue to attend as you can and please let us know what is going on from someone who has been there first hand.

Unfortunately I know of no leads of to challenge Supervisor Bass and Supervisor Sundberg this June.  Of course I think this is a travesty and I have been doing everything I can to motivate the few people I know – including those in the HCDCC.  I think the HCDCC’s campaign focus will be Eureka this year maybe partially because the left has one viable candidate who may be motivated and able to find a couple of other people to run with him.

But remember, that election isn’t until November and the County Supervisor elections begin with a primary in June – and we’ve got bupkis.

So speak amongst yourselves Humboldt.  It’s going to be up to you because at this point, unless there is super-secret planning going on, the Democrats do not have candidates to run against the conservative Supervisors Bass and Ryan.  The plan of either not running as a conservative (Supervisor Ryan) or running as a Democrat (Supervisor Bass) is working wonderfully.  It’s a viable way to maintain an ultra-conservative planning regime in a majority liberal county when all indicators demonstrate planning could not be more critical to future growth and sustainability.

Ms. Hodson I of course agree with your passion on this.  I’ve been waiting since you wrote your op-ed back in June for people to pick up the standard(s).  No one has – yet.  I don’t think this is because there isn’t a demand for someone to run.  There IS a demand as demonstrated by Lisa Ollivier’s victory over the conservative John Fullerton for School Board.  HumCo deserves a chance to vote against the conservative approach to regional planning that does not believe in, oh, say, “protecting agriculture and timberland for the long term”.


7 thoughts on “New Episode in the BOS GPU Deliberations Today

  1. Anonymous says:

    or the reason you cannot field candidates is they are moderates who are doing a good job for both sides.

    just sayin’

  2. just middle class says:

    Good point, John seems to have little experience and seems to feel that anyone that does not agree with his point of view is very conservative. He sounds like he is new to the General Plan update. Sundberg and Bass are very moderate in their positions and are representing their areas in a balanced way.

  3. I see you had to make nearly 20% of the comments on Lost Coast Outpost on the GPU Jon. Still less than 60 comments even with all yours. Still think this is a hot button topic? Shoot, Matt had nearly 500 comments on pot! Just observing. And quit dropping my name with no basis. Go do something constructive.

    1. Thanks Richard. You have chosen to be a public figure. Just as I have, Matthew has, Supervisor Bass has, etc. That means you are part of the debate. Your choices, such as as your support of Supervisor Bass in 2010 and I’m guessing your support of her in 2014 means you have an interest in supporting her positions.

      Like John Fullerton last election cycle, your opening salvo in the political debate seems not to be about the issues but about the politics. John Fullerton’s main argument and that of his supporters seemed to be partisanship is wrong on the local level. So far your only point seems to be no one cares about the GPU process, so even though Supervisor Bass is wrong, it doesn’t matter because no one cares.

      The GPU means a great deal. It is our best shot to address major problems like climate change, increasing fossil fuel costs, livability issues, and an equitable job and economic growth. What Supervisors Bass and Sundberg have done is say let’s empower the private sector to plan for growth. This is absurd. It’s also very un big-D Democratic and little-p progressive.

      Your past support of Supervisors Sundberg and Bass and even Supervisor Bohn for a time, right? is very concerning. It’s confusing to many voters because on many if not most issues you are very progressive.

      Yes, weed is important, as is our meth epidemic etc. but we can’t just be conducting triage, we also have to be addressing our community’s root problems. By allowing our public officials and professional staff to have their rightful influence in planning for our land use future we are trying to avoid some of the bigger problems like poverty and lack of jobs that leave many of us in the in the dire economic position we are in.

      In one of her most recent KINS interviews, Supervisor Bass was asked why she will remember 2013. Her reluctant answer? The GPU.

      It’s a big deal, just because the media has a blackout on it because a third of the most influential members of our community – the stakeholders and those with income to be made with the least amount of government interference – and, also an extremely demoralized and …tired… public.

      Richard, I hate to say it because we work together on the HCDCC and I like you personally, but you have been part of the problem with our recent very bad decisions in regional planning. I can’t stop writing about you just because you don’t want me too or don’t like what I say. You are an influential member of our community, and as such I’m endeavoring to report and opine on what members of our community, like you, me, Matthew, Supervisor Bass, etc. are doing.

      I’m only one voice, but I hope I can add a little perspective, because trying to understand what was going on before I became involved was pretty difficult. I am beginning to understand why. People like you and Matthew don’t want people to know the whole story, just the bits you’d like them to know. I don’t think that is the best plan going forward.

      That’s my opinion.

      Remember, we can walk and chew gum at the same time. In that spirit I recommend you and others to a couple of potentially important open meetings our community will be having.

      by Kathy Srabian in the TS regarding the increasing safety concerns in Eureka
      Saturday Jan 18th at 4 pm at eh Vet Hall on H and 10th.


      by Dr. Michael D Fratkin regarding an open meeting sponsored by the Humboldt Meth Abuse Awareness Project Jan 23rd at the Humboldt Area Foundation.

  4. Anonymous says:

    “So far your only point seems to be no one cares about the GPU process, so even though Supervisor Bass is wrong, it doesn’t matter because no one cares.”

    The problem is you don’t understand the issues. She isn’t wrong.

    “The GPU means a great deal. It is our best shot to address major problems like climate change, increasing fossil fuel costs, livability issues, and an equitable job and economic growth. What Supervisors Bass and Sundberg have done is say let’s empower the private sector to plan for growth.”

    Citation Please. There isn’t any growth. Hasn’t been any, and we are under the rules of the old plan.

    ” It’s confusing to many voters because on many if not most issues you are very progressive.”

    People in HumCo are not that easy to put in a neatly labelled box.

  5. just middle class says:

    Anonymous makes a good point, that is that the original draft of the Plan was attempting to fix a problem that did not exist, but for the minds of those who perceived that it could possibly exist. Those who have studied the Plan have seen that it was full of contradictory policies and goals. The plan was based on the premise that we had sufficient urban land to implement the policies, yet that proved to be wrong for two reasons: the available land was mostly unbuildable because of site conditions and there is a lack of infrastructure to support the building. The idea that all growth can be accommodated with infill is simply not practical or desirable to many people.
    The Plan update crashed because of the fact that the Plan simply was poorly written and out of touch with the general population of Humboldt County.
    Finally one must remember that elections have consequences.

  6. Anonymous says:

    perfect example of this is the definitions in the biological resources sections don’t match what the state and feds use. another good example is telling the state they were going to cram people in mckinleyville and cutten while those service providers were telling the county they didn’t have the sewer capacity. don’t let the facts get in the way of your plan.

    i can’t believe a document that flawed got past the the county counsel, planning commission, and staff. they should have thrown the whole plan back when they discovered the numerous internal inconsistencies, illegal policies, poor or lacking definitions, and in some cases, just plain crazy ideas. sundberg, bohn, fennel, bass, and lovelace inherited a huge pile of crap from their predecessors. they have done OK at trying to fix the numerous problems but what a huge amount of time they are spending.

    at the board level one would not expect going through the thing line by line. they should have used an advisory committee in the beginning and got input from various communities instead of the heavy handed top-down approach that has been quite expensive and unsuccessful. poor bass and sundberg ran on getting this thing done last time. they had no idea what a total disaster it was until they started reading it in detail and asking, “what does this mean in real life?”

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