GPU Discussion on KHUM Tonight and a Comment for John Chiv

Thanks to Eric Kirk and Mark Lovelace who will be the guest.  All four Supervisors were contacted, only Mark agreed.  Must listen radio in my book.  GPU time:  7:00 PM  GPU channel:  KHSU.

Also, just tried to post a comment on John Chiv’s blog but couldn’t due to restrictions.  I’ll post it here instead.  I won’t add context, please follow this link to read John’s standard-operating-procedure conservative response to Harry Blumenthal’s “My Word” in the Times-Standard today regarding homelessness.

Here’s the comment I tried to post…

John – just FYI, Rex Bohn won his race with a war chest of $42 per vote. Mark Lovelace with $13 per vote.

The charge of monied candidates is not “so tired”. In fact the charge is the heart of the disfunction in our democracy and it will get worse before it gets better, but we must work to help it get better. The source of money does help you figure out what an official’s priorities will be. To deny this is to have your head in the sand.

Note:  This blog’s links need some housekeeping – sorry to say but both Richard Marks’ Samoasoftball and John Chiv’s blog are going under the header – “Problematic”.  Not “Crazy Talk” mind you – but problematic.


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