Bonne Chance Chris Kerrigan

Chris Kerrigan on his Twitter avatar
Chris Kerrigan on his Twitter avatar

Chris Kerrigan – a progressive, successful, and young Eureka politician and public servant puts his hat in for Eureka Mayor in 2014.  Here are some early public statements by Chris…

  • Tweeted this a few days after the 6/3 BOS meeting.  “Lack of critical thinking amongst the current Board of Sups. and cronyism. Worst i have ever seen i”


…The following are from an interview by KHUM via LoCO here


  • Supports legalization of marijuana.

Boo, but not a deal breaker.  He mentions violent and home-invasion crime – which is of course important, but he should add environmental issues and be clear about how we tax, regulate and insure that unregistered grows will be enforced so we do not continue our de facto encouragement of unregulated or off-the-public-grid production

Also, this very articulate sign-off at the end of the interview…impressive….

“One of the things I’ve learned in my life is that there are things I can control and things I cannot control.  Part of me getting an early start is going out and meeting with folks and doing this listening tour and getting ideas and feedback on my plans so I can get a set of plans together that really match my vision for Eureka and go beyond the traditional verbage that folks hear when someone is running for office and really offer some substance and ideas that really provide solutions for the challenges our community faces.”

Nice Chris!  Good luck.  My 2 cents for the vision – work with the community to get a Constitutional voting system.  One in which each Ward votes for their Councilmember instead of an at-large vote.  You might not hear that a bunch on the listening tour, but I think it’s important.

Also, kudos on your twitter statement about the BOS.  Those Guiding Principles are key to the growth of Eureka.  Humboldt should develop and given that resources like fossil fuels are and will be increasingly limited and expensive, we need to promote patterns of growth that allow for a no-car lifestyle.  Even in rural counties like ours.  Don’t fall for the rural vs urban mythology and meme.  Regional planning is best for Eureka, Garberville, Arcata, McKinleyville and all waypoints between and around them.

Update  (12/14/13)

  • Another idea for the listening tour – please help find good candidates to run for the 1st, 3rd, and 5th districts – and while you are at it – the HumCo’s 4th.  Seriously, please.

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