In Case You Missed It: It’s Official … LISA OLLIVIER WON!

More to follow including fun with numbers,  but around last Monday at 2pm the County Elections Department published the final, certified election results.  School Board Member Elect Lisa Ollivier, yey, narrowly won by a margin of 121 votes.

Again, I’m not sure why this isn’t a story according to our local media.  All printed results seemed to have  qualified by “preliminary” etc.  There hasn’t been a single story that I have found on the subject, and I haven’t seen a headline result which I think an election deserves.  Why?  I don’t know.  Is it because we want to be low key about it unless/until we have a certified result.  That seems reasonable, but then why no fanfare last week.  This whole thing is confusing to me.

Again, it is difficult for my A.D.D. self to make it through each Times-Standard, so I may be missing something.  But a Google search for Lisa Ollivier Eureka School Board brings up the search results screen-grab below.  It’s all pre-election except for yours truly?  Huh?  That just doesn’t seem right, especially when the T-S wrote an editorial the day of elections lamenting the lack of interest in elections.  Hmmm.  Could it be that one of the reasons people have so little interest is years of our local papers treating the results with less respect than a two day old Major League box score?  Maybe.

The angles?  Now that you have been elected, what are your thoughts?  It would give the candidates a chance to thank their opponents for a run fought race, etc. and given them a chance to promote their Board and what the newly (or returning) elected member would like to help accomplish going forward.  I know, boring right?  It may be, but it’s important.

12/2/13 Search for "Lisa Ollivier Eureka School Board"


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