General Plan Update Meeting Today 1:30 at the Courthouse

Another in the series of a 4 -1 conservative lead General Plan Update.  Should be another interesting meeting.

Kudos to the Times-Standard for continued front page coverage.   Unfortunately they do not have the staff or interest to cover all the niceties of the plan.  But that’s one of the reasons we have a conservative Board of Supervisors in the first place.  Let’s hope we can change the dialog to be more robust!  (apologies to Dan Taranto who often and loudly voices his displeasure with that word)

Important kudos to the NCJ for finding this gem of a story.  More on this later.

Kudos too to the MRU for their print version coverage of the Samoa pulp mill’s conversion from the private sector to the public sector and beginning to tell the all-to-familiar story of privatizing profit and externalizing costs.  (ie making the tax-payer foot the bill)  Unfortunately, I can’t find a link to that story online.  This may be a business decision to encourage people to buy the print version.  I respect that.

Belated thanksgiving to Daniel Mintz and Ryan Burns.  They don’t pay you enough.  And that’s not me playing the ref.  I mean it.


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