The Eureka Fair Wage Act Coming to a Ballot Near You Next November

This is a special requested post by Verbena, one of the “Fair Wage folks”.  This will be an easy decision for me next November…yes..check.  If you have time – I think this is a great political cause and they could use your support.  I would be a great thing for Eureka’s large service sector employees for one, and it’s pretty clear we will have plenty of concern from the usual suspects on this so I think we will need all the help we can get.

Eureka Fare Wage

Eureka Fair Wage Act Meetings … EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT

People welcome to the meetings even if you live outside of Eureka.

The Fair Wage folks urge you to get involved in passing the Eureka Fair Wage Act, also known as the Minimum Wage Ordinance.  If passed through a popular vote in November 2014, the Act would require large employers with 25 or more workers in Eureka to pay a $12 dollar minimum wage.  A higher minimum wage, with a small business exception, will improve lives, make Walmart reconsider its presence in Eureka, boost the local economy, bring employment up, and allow individuals who work full time to rise just above the federal poverty level.

Meetings for the Eureka Fair Wage Act are now every Wednesday at 6:15pm at the Eureka Labor Temple, 840 E Street.  More information can be found and questions answered by visiting the Eureka Fair Wage Act website,, or by calling 707-442-7465.  If you are interested in helping the campaign in any way, wherever you live, please get in contact.


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