Another Sarah Palin Lovin’ HumCo Democrat. Welcome to the Club?

Well our big HumCo Dems tent just keeps getting bigger.  Thanks to the County Election Staff – (I hope I’m not giving you too much work by mentioning you – but I appreciate your service and the information) Chester Albin who is one of the 3 candidates in consideration for Lance Madsen’s open 5th Ward council seat is a Democrat as of…wait for it…

July 2012!

Wonder what happened in July 2012 that got Chester to change?  Was it Obamacare (more properly should be referred to as ACA, seriously all, the fun is over – it’s the law now) or was it, I don’t know a sudden realization that all that hot air about global warming denying was misdirection and lies, or what?

That might be a great question for the appointment committee to ask.  Why Democrat, why now at this stage in your life.  I thought one became more conservative as one grew older.

Here is what I wrote in response to Joel Mielke’s amazing discovery of Chester’s Facebook page which has all sorts of awesome conservativeness to it.

“Awesome! Us Democrats sure are persuasive with the ObamaCare and the Unions and all that stuff. Yey us!

That last paragraph is all sarcasm – but I have to laugh rather than cry – everyone seems to think the only way to be politically viable is to be a Democrat – one would think Democrats would be for that – but it is an absolute disaster for democracy – in all seriousness. It means one party rule which is an invitation for corruption and political malfeasance. Chester, Matthew, Virginia, Marian Brady, Melinda Ciarabellini…TAKE BACK YOUR PARTY from Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. Please! For the love of God!”

I do not know enough about any of these candidates to know who will be the best choice.  Honestly, it’s out of my hands (as a voter) and we have a conservative Council and are replacing a conservative Councilmember.  The seat should be filled by a Councilmember of Lance Madsen’s choosing as far as I’m concerned.  That’s who the voters chose. (Technically he ran unopposed, but that’s another story.)

A note to conservative readers.  It doesn’t matter that Mr. Albin likes Sarah Palin or see’s himself as a Conservative or that he is affiliated with a Property Management Group etc etc.  More power to him and kudos for his beliefs and his source of income? My point is he should be proud of and be able to back up those beliefs.  They are true, they are proper and they are righteous – to him.  I would disagree with many of them I’m sure and I’d love to chat with him why.

So when I link to Joel Mielke’s link of Chet’s Facebook page, it’s not to point and laugh and say “this guy like’s Sarah Palin, what a maroon”.  NO!  Not from this blog or this Democrat or this person.  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  What I am saying is simply this…  Stand up for what you believe and talk about it.  We need to have an open conversation.  We also NEED to have two functioning, viable political parties – yes – even for nominally non-partisan races.


9 thoughts on “Another Sarah Palin Lovin’ HumCo Democrat. Welcome to the Club?

  1. Anonymous says:

    As always, you’ve hit the proverbial fake nail on the head. I can’t help but be reminded of Marian Brady’s comment to me when I tried to apologize for ranting at her for being a fake democrat at a Democratic Central Committee hearing where she wore a Rex Bohn sweatshirt. She said, ” well, everyone was complaining about Virginia when she changed parties, but what about that woman that was on the board for 24 years or something?” Bonnie was at the Jared Huffman event at the same moment Marian referred to her as, ” that woman” As for the comparison? There is no comparison. Virginia will never touch Bonnie Neely in accomplishment, service or professionalism.
    I’m just so sick of these people. Some would call there “democrat” party affiliation disingenuous. I’ve always thought disingenuous was a euphemism for “liar”

    1. hooray! Nice to see your smiling face. I’ve met Bonnie briefly and I couldn’t agree more about her or what others say about her. Virgina is a good person, a great politician and I think her heart is in the right place most or possibly even all of the time. In another 20 years, we could undo all those years of conservative mumble jumble (at least imho – she might have a different take), but we don’t have that kind of time.

      Interestingly my neighbor who is wonderful (“and” instead of “but”) I think conservative or at least Republican had a Neely sign up when I first moved to Eureka during what must have been Virginia’s last campaign against her. It was my introduction to Eureka politics and I always had it in the back of my mind as I went on to learn who to vote for.

      I always assumed that yard sign that meant my neighbor my be more liberal like me, but it turns out Bonnie and his family are old family friends. I think that says alot about HumCo politics generally (family and friend connections often above strict adherence to politics) and Bonnie Neely who was able to maintain her base of friends – to the point where they would support her openly (never have seen this very outwardly apolitical and very awesome family put up another political sign) all the while being well loved by many or most in the HCDCC. Bonnie was/is special by all accounts.

      1. flevitan says:

        Right. Like I said LoCO, it’s the good old boy system here: It’s who you know, not what you believe, or what others believe you believe.

        1. It’s a problem that can only get better imho as the old guard ages and more and more new people move in. I was tickled when Jill MacDonald said in her well chosen words during Arkeys’ Homelessness Shindig that she was considering moving out of the County because of the intractable homeless problem. Of note … a) don’t let the door hit you on the way out and b) SHE is the victim of the homeless problem?

          Jill substitute taught for a class I took and she showed me a home once, I like her personally, but she also represents that old guard. It’s what I consider the Humboldt Culture Wars – Old Guard who judge their nativeness by the number of generations and the New Guard which HSU has helped to attract. (Hopefully more so than the weed)

          Another person who agrees with us (if I may) is Eric Kirk. I heard him address this topic briefly on one of his KMUD’s radio shows.

  2. flevitan says:

    Well, now that he’s been appointed, and since you won’t say it, I will:

    “This guy likes Sarah Palin, what a maroon!”

    Let’s unelect him as swiftly as we can.

    1. Liberal Jon says:

      thanks a bunch for the 411 flevitan. I passed on the news to the Sohum Parlancer’s crediting you and referencing the TS link. Thanks again and yes, this has become a priority, I hope we can find a candidate that could be endorsed by the HCDCC. I don’t think it will be easy for him to get that endorsement – we’ll of course have to wait and see.

      1. flevitan says:

        I wish I could vote in Eureka, but I only work here. I hope I get a chance to vote against Dan Johnson in the next school board election. Any clue who may run against Ryan Sundberg for the Supes?

        1. Sorry F, I missed this one. No clues! I have a wish list that includes two speakers from MacTown I heard at the BOS meetings -but they are private citizens and one who is a friend of a family member said he/she was NOT interested. That is half the problem – finding candidates to run. This is an ugly process as we are discovering in the threads below Chris Kerrigan posts already.

          And to anticipate cries of hypocrisy…, there is a difference between many of the personal Chris Kerrigan attacks and the “attacks” if you like on say Chet Albin from this blog. I’m talking about Chet’s politics, not his private life.

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