Kudos to the Times-Standard

Another “credit where it’s due” post.  Blogs (lives)can’t always be about conflict you know…

I appreciated that the T-S had two editorials this weekend.  First, kudos T-S on the strong editorial stance on the most recent Ferndale dalliance with the “r” word.  They brought up the history of blackface and why it’s important to avoid – even when no offence was intended.

“The use of blackface belongs to a shameful tradition in this country of presenting demeaning caricatures of blacks for other’ amusement…. History matters.”

Exactly! … and…it’s about us in the broadest sense.  We are a civilization, a nation a people.  All of us are, even when we tend to self-segregate.  When America is at it’s best we are that culture that the 14th amendment is continually struggling to remind us to create.  From wiki…

“The Equal Protection Clause is part of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. The clause, which took effect in 1868, provides that no state shall deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”..

Equal protection in law.  Also, imho, equal respect in culture.  This is not easy, we are dealing with human nature.  But having traveled the globe a little bit with my family when I was younger – it is one of America’s strengths.  If we can figure out how to create – not a melting pot – but a patchwork of unique and celebrated cultures united by our common interest in the future, well then we will be a model for other nations – and will have done a tiny bit toward healing what in part was a very dark past.

Also, kudos for two editorials in two days, the more editorials, the more better – even when we disagree.  The other editorial was on the E.P.A.’s management of the newly designated Samoa Pulp Mill superfund site.  (I think it’s newly designated, right?).  I have some contrarian opinions on this, but that’s for another day.


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