The Fur Ball

Under the category “Giving Credit where Credit’s Do” (literally btw, check it out).  Supervisor Virginia Bass and husband Matthew Owen are throwing a Fur Ball tonight.

I’m a sucker for the kitties (and dogs) and may discard all my strong feelings about the direction of land use policy in this county to support Virginia (and close associate Matthew) this June because of her strong pro-kitty stance.  Or maybe not, we’ll  see.

But still, I think this is a great effort and cause and name and kudos for Matthew and Virginia for their efforts.

Google has a hard time finding information, but John Chiv has written on this and has a good summary of what Virginia announced at the HCDCC meeting Wednesday.  From Virginia, via John…

 “Animeals lost their major corporate sponsor last year and Matthew and I, along with a handful of other local generous contributors, have been working together to keep this program afloat while we look for options and a long term solution,”

The ball is tonight 6 to 9 PM.  If you can’t make it, or you love cats (and dogs) but $100 is not what you have in the budget – but you want to donate, here is where you can send checks directly – Blessed the Beasts of Humboldt County.


c/o Bless the Beasts

P.O. Box 268

Eureka, CA  95502


15 thoughts on “The Fur Ball

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s a good cause, however, it’s also a disgrace that 10% of this county’s kids reportedly go hungry every night while dogs enjoy $100/ticket celebrity balls and their own second-hand stores to raise the funds they need.

    1. You are absolutely right. I wonder what the actual percentage is and how much that varies day to day week to week month to month.
      The thing about pets is there is no human politics involved, actual or personal. They are often dependent on us and we can help very easily on an individual or group level. It’s a type of altruism that doesn’t carry the baggage and is therefore kinda a no brainer – for the most part. It shouldn’t be the first priority for society at large, on the other hand, lets not forget the pets either. imho.

      1. Anonymous says:

        “Politics”? “Baggage”? Try guilt and shame. Almost nothing gets an audience anymore unless it offers glib entertainment to avoid breaching the barrier to human intelligence.

      1. Anonymous says:

        They did raise enough just from this event to keep it going for atleast the next 6 months.

        I think many people, including me, are going to work with Carole to get the word out.

        On an unrelated note, I want to tell you how much I enjoy your comments and passion for your party. We may have different opinions and views but you are very intelligent and fair.


        1. Anonymous says:

          Every social justice, civil right, environmental, etc, movement, that advanced human civilization another baby-step came about out of contentious polarization.

          Today’s emphasis on “positive/reaching across the isle/consensus building BS” has no effective historic precedence.

          We’ve clearly lost our way.

          1. This is a good point ,and I want to try to agree with both of you!?

            I couldn’t disagree with Virginia Bass or Matthew Owen more for example on many, many, many items of very consequential significance in regards to county governance. However, I have to live in a small community and we both have chosen to try to affect change through the Democratic Party. If there was a Party that was winning state-wide or nation-wide elections to the left of the Democrats, I would most likely be a member.

            I can’t kick them out of the Democrats, and I have no where else to go. What would you do?

            I hope, plead that you will come join us too. The right has a uniform base and money on it’s side. We have a motley group of people who care about issues that are often not immediate (ie “protecting agriculture and timberland for the long term” OR “protecting ecosystems values”.

            I hope I can count on you to do more than vote. That’s what we need to help us find our way again.

            Here* is a a pick-me-up from NYC’s election. It talk’s about the Working Family Party and it’s work in helping to elect the progressive Bill DeBlasio to Mayor of NYC. I hope the Progressive Democrats or a network of those on the left can get together in HumCo to do something similar.

            Couple of things we have to remember though. 1) don’t ever give up. 2) NO CIRCULAR FIRING SQUADS ALLOWED! 🙂


  2. Anonymous says:

    You make an interesting point about Bass, Owen, (Brady and ??), wanting to, “effect change through the democratic party”. Judging by their inaction and the inaction of their candidates , they appear to have the same old agenda of the republican party: “NO”!

    I like what I read about the working Families party. Progressives keep trying different strategies hoping the next one will be bigger than the last. The minimum wage issue (locally and nationally) is gaining huge traction. Those with sound democratic principles would have already tried to spread the democratic “big tent” all over this local issue, offering every kind of support possible. Instead, their “big tent” has enveloped the right-wing’s ignorance and disdain for a higher minimum wage, or maybe I missed their endorsement?

    The HCDCC needs to rediscover and adopt the democratic principles that distinguish itself from republicans, foremost, the fundamental democratic value of supporting candidates, ordinances and all legislation that benefit the poor as the best way to benefit all the classes that rest upon them. The republican ideal is that you legislate to benefit the wealthiest interests from Wall Street to Main Street, and the benefits will trickle-down on the the rest of us. The developer-interests that have always enjoyed majority control of city councils, the supervisor’s chamber, and the offices they appoint, are adamant “Trickle-Downers”. Every horrific local statistic is a testament to their success, whether it’s the local economy, health, public safety, the environment, affordable housing….and on and on…Only Arcata offers an alternative and successful model.

    The HCDCC doesn’t need a “loyalty oath”, but members need to reassert the basic principles of the democratic party to generate lively debate on the relevant issues of our time and in our community in order to send the republicans back to their roots to reform their own party!

    “I hope I can count on you to do more than vote. That’s what we need to help us find our way again.”

    I totally disagree with this statement. There are already many community members outside the HCDCC involved in progressive democratic activism waiting to be embraced. What we need to do is act like the 70% of the eligible voters that are not participating actually matter to someone. If the HCDCC decided to initiate Eureka’s first-ever voter-education and registration canvass to gain 1,000 new voters, and 30% actually turned-out, it could reverse the developer’s iron-grip for the first time. The minimum wage issue will be their next lost opportunity.

    I would have joined the HCDCC, or its progressive-wing long ago…or even recently, had they generated more than 2 volunteers to canvass for Cheryl Seidner, a democratic candidate with actual leadership credentials. It appears that far more can be accomplished outside the HCDCC today than from within.

    See you at the next progressive candidate/ordinance canvass?

    1. Don’t underestimate the agenda of the Republican party (or conservatives, or those right of center), it’s not just NO, it’s yes to lower taxes, yes to diminishing the power of the public to act in the form of government at any level, yes to private property rights even at the expense of the public’s need to plan, yes to free markets so the owners and consumers can maximize profits and minimize prices. It’s powerful stuff.

      I’m with you 110%. This is not about the HCDCC to me, it’s about the values that Democrats and the left strive for. The HCDCC is the best way to affect change now and going forward imho, and we make life harder for ourselves if we forget about it.

      I don’t expect everyone to feel the same as me. I do want to show up for the next progressive candidate/ordinance canvass. Let’s work together – somehow. We need, if not an umbrella group, open lines of communication so we somehow, if possible, avoid the traps of circular firing squads and/or splitting votes. The alternative is worse.

      It’s a very difficult path to follow. I realize this. AND, some of the rules are set up against us including the at large system in Eureka, non-partisan voting, and any election (like Eureka’s City Council again) that doesn’t have a primary.

      We have to be smart. We can afford any Ralph Naderism until we have a system that allows for votes for Ralph Nader to be applied to Al Gore so we don’t get George Bush (and thus Roberts and Alito). That’s my point.

      “The HCDCC doesn’t need a “loyalty oath”, but members need to reassert the basic principles of the Democratic Party to generate lively debate on the relevant issues of our time and in our community in order to send the republicans back to their roots to reform their own party!”

      I don’t know if it would be appropriate to publish my recent letter to the HCDCC Executive Board. I’m with you on this, but we are in a minority of ?? in the E Board. You have to understand, that. I honestly don’t know if we are right. More on this later, this is a very timely subject and I want to hear your and other’s views on this. “loyalty oath” of course would not be the most accurate term, but it isn’t completely unfair short hand. Again, more later.

      One more quick point – there wasn’t a lot of HCDCC volunteer support for Lisa Ollivier either. We simply don’t have the volunteers that we could or should have. I think this is what we need. Some means whether and umbrella group or a connected group of groups to generate interest and opportunities for volunteering to work for a common goal. I think the common goal is easy. No more political tricks. If we vote left of center politically, we have a right to expect left of center policies.

      Also, what if the “our” in this…“I hope I can count on you to do more than vote. That’s what we need to help us find our way again.” did not mean Democrats, but democrats and progressives (greens, etc) or more generally those left of center? Would we be more in agreement?

      1. Anonymous says:

        Until there’s outreach to educate and register the 70% of eligible non-participants liberal/democratic/progressive ordinances and candidates will continue their historic losses with rare exceptions.

        That’s why I call them the party of “NO”! Having won the class war long ago, they merely need to keep us at bay and they’ve done splendidly. They basically waltzed into the HCDCC with ease.

        Doesn’t the HCDCC have guiding principles that emphasize the fundamental democratic value of legislating to benefit the poor? They should!

        1. Just so you know – I really appreciate your input and you are helping me to navigate this very issue as it is a topic for the HCDCC Executive Board and the HCDCC itself right now. Thanks for the input. We’ll know more at the next meeting the 2nd Wednesday of 2014 and I’ll post more about the last HCDCC meeting when I can.

  3. Virginia and/or Matthew would be contacts for this. I think it was a success, so if they heard from people like you who were interested in continuing the tradition, I bet they would.

    Thanks for your interest – it’s a great cause and I hope with your help it does become an annual event.

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