November’s HCDCC News and Notes … Arnie Klein for Humboldt DA Stopped By

This is what Arnie's appearance felt like Thursday night.
This is what Arnie’s appearance felt like Thursday night.*


Arnie Klein and his two young, attractive and eager staff members came by Wednesday night to announce to the Humboldt Dems his intention to run.  There was a chance to ask questions, and instead of feeling like a rude host I decided to hold back.  What I would have like to ask him was why he chose to switch his party affiliation in July from decline-to-state (DTS) to Democrat?  Was it out of change of principles or political convenience?  Is it any less rude to ask these questions here? I don’t know.

How did he choose Republican John Fullerton as his Treasurer would be another question.

It is really difficult to navigate the political waters in Humboldt.  The most vitriolic type of partisanship is on the one hand encouraged by advertising on stations like KINS (by Eureka City Schools no less), but when it comes time to campaign, the one most important talking point seems to be we should be non-partisan.

That’s one tactic.  The other is to just bite the bullet and place that “D” behind your name as Arnie has chosen to do.  Socialist, liberal, Communist and progressive labels and all.

What should be happening is this.  Humboldt Republicans should be proud of being Republicans and should start fighting to take their Party back from … the crazies (sorry but true).  There is a great deal of legitimate concerns Republicans are fighting for – property rights, lower tax rates, increased military spending, balanced budgets, reduced spending on social services to encourage self-reliance, etc. (Concerns I mostly but not entirely disagree with.)  But for some reason they can’t.  The result is a mess of a political system in our big little county.  Very little gets honestly discussed, instead what we are given is political maneuverings and public posturing and talking points.  It’s frustrating.  I would really like an honest debate about our County DA position from across party lines, not within the Democratic Party.

Because I think our County deserves a clear, honest discussion that the party system should be capable of producing.  Right now it is not capable of doing this, so we are left with what we have.  Our county DA is a position that is pivotal to our county’s continued efforts at grappling with the environmental, land use and social problems stemming from our weed trade.  The public deserves a clear and forthright discussion and debate.  Let’s hope we get one.

Also, just a note, Republican Woman (besides needing to separate Republican Men and Women, what’s up with that?)  While trying to access your site to find the link to your newsletter I received the following warning from Google.  It’s the first time I’ve seen it during my online surfings.  Just FYI.  It’s a little scary and I swear this is not some kind of devious Democratic trick – it really happened and this is the first time I’ve ever seen this warning.

I recieved this warning when trying to long on to the Humboldt Republican Women Federated's web site this morning
I recieved this warning when trying to long on to the Humboldt Republican Women Federated’s web site this morning

* Arnie’s photo from watchpaul


2 thoughts on “November’s HCDCC News and Notes … Arnie Klein for Humboldt DA Stopped By


    imho, Klein is not an option.

    Elan Firpo has submitted a 501 form received by the Elections Office 11/4. Let me know if anyone is interested in me posting a photo of this.

    This will be an interesting race with important implications for HumCo’s Weed Inc.

  2. Update: Here is a copy of Elan’s 501

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