Projected: Lisa Ollivier Wins Eureka School Board Seat

If the Times Standard won’t do it I will.

Here’s my evidence.  a) The county’s election night final tally.  b)  Acceptance of the victory (loss) by both sides.  I have it from a source close to the Fullerton campaign that they feel “your (our) candidate was safely elected.”

Also, not to point fingers.  Going forward – especially people I support because I hold you (us) to a higher standard;  let us always make a concession call when we feel appropriate.  This may be after the certified count or even after that if necessary, but that call is important.  Partisanship is appropriate in politics, but after the election we have to remember we are partisan, but we are also neighbors.

Also, thank you to reader and friend Julie Timmons for correcting me.  The TS DID have a tally of the winners on Wednesday Nov. 6th (the day after the vote) that I completely missed!  I struggle to make it through the Times Standard – and that early morning I missed the results that were tallied along the left-hand margin – quite clearly.  Mea culpa T-S!  I still think my point stands though.  Despite that talley, there is NO reporting on what the vote means including the ripple of effects the probably winners will have in changing or maintaining the direction of our government.  It seems the only story worth reporting is the easiest – no one voted.

Other local political news… Congressman Jared Huffman was in town yesterday at the Eureka’s Women’s Club.  I did not attend, but did help set up and I’m not really sure of the occasion.  After hearing Congressman Huffman on the well advertised and executed town-hall format phone call, I’m a big fan.  Congressman Huffman is the least of Humboldt’s worries in the House, it’s good to know we are well represented.


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