Times Standard ESB Results Blackout: Day Three

There is a feeling that I have and that I have heard at least once that the Times Standard shifted editorial stance around the time that the Eureka Reporter  came and went into and out of existence.

I think this blackout is the ultimate expression of this editorial change.

It is definitely in the interest of John Fullerton and conservatives that might favor him that the extremely close race not be reported.  If this is not an attempt of ever-so-slightly pushing down on the scales of justice by ignoring results that are close but perhaps within the margin of error than I apologize.  But I sure will be watching the coverage closely in the future to see what the reporting is like if a conservative has eeked out a victory based on the final (unofficial) election night report.

So here is the news as reported by our media as far as I can tell.  Both the North Coast Journal and Lost Coast Outpost have declared Lisa Ollivier a winner by default by listing the Election Office’s last report as fact without qualifying the results as unofficial or certified.  The Times Standard has reported this by totally ignoring the existence of any results (as far as I can tell).  Please again inform me if I am mistaken.

Welcome to the infotainment of news everyone.  Above the fold articles on historically and perspective challenged dance – 2.  Mention of either the names “Ollivier” or “Fullerton” in the first four pages of the Times Standard – 0.

And this is after the TS chastised voters for not showing up at the polls.  Is it really any wonder that people don’t care anymore for local elections?


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